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Not sure if I'm in labor!

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CheerfulYank Mon 29-Apr-13 05:05:07

It HURTS. But no waters breaking or mucous or anything. And it's still a bit early.

They broke my water with DS, so I don't know what "going into labor" feels like.

CityDweller Mon 29-Apr-13 05:16:42

Hurts in what way? Do you have regular, evenly spaced pains that feel like v bad period cramps?? How far apart are they?

SkiBunnnnny Mon 29-Apr-13 05:18:39

If the pains are coming and going then maybe. I never had any water or mucus when I went into labour 8 days early.

CheerfulYank Mon 29-Apr-13 05:38:03

Yes, like that. They were every 6-7 minutes or so but have stopped, or at least become quite infrequent, now.

I'm not due for over 3 weeks and don't have things ready so let's hope it's a false alarm! smile

I've got a dr appt in about 9 hours so if nothing else happens overnight at least I'll see what's what then.

NotAQueef Mon 29-Apr-13 11:59:11

Fingers crossed it's just braxton hicks

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