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Anyone had a home birth for their first?

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HotToddyDog Sun 28-Apr-13 17:18:58

What was it like, would you recommend it?

I'm currently 18 weeks with DC1, always presumed I would have a hospital birth but my midwife mentioned a home birth at the booking appointment at 12 weeks and seemed really keen, so have been thinking about it on and off since then!

I like the thought of it as guaranteed water birth if I hire a pool (my hospital only has one birthing pool), obviously been nice to be in my own surroundings, one to one care plus I don't fancy staying in for days after would rather be at home.

I'm just over 5 mins from the hospital but still scared if things go wrong, plus being my first not sure how I'm going to cope with the pain, is it a big deal to be transferred in half-way through if I need something stronger? And how about helping with bf after, do the midwives come back to help you later on or the next day?

I didn't mention it to my midwife at the 16 week appointment so next time I see her is at 28weeks, I presume this is still enough time if I do want to go for it??

Any advice or experiences greatly received!!

Sevillemarmalade Sun 09-Jun-13 19:18:40

Two planned Homebirths, no pool or pain relief. Did hypnobirthing cd during pregnancies. First labour 5hrs, second 8hrs and no problems of any kind. Best decision about anything I have ever made in my life (and probably always will be). Do plenty of research and if you think it's for you, go for it! Good luck OP

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