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Early labour experiences needed please!

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Jojobump1986 Sun 28-Apr-13 13:19:59

I'm 34+5 with DC2 & my bump has dropped so noticeably that someone felt the need to cross a large room just to comment on it! It's made me paranoid about early labour! DC1 was 8 days late & I don't remember the bump dropping at all, let alone this obviously. I've had a feeling for several months that this one was going to be earlier than last time but not this early. We're planning another homebirth so obviously that won't happen if I do go into labour soon.

I'd really like someone to tell me that the bump dropping means nothing & I've got weeks to go yet! Experiences of babies born at about 35 weeks would also be good so I can reassure/prepare myself for whatever might happen! smile

amazingmumof6 Sun 28-Apr-13 16:51:44

I can only offer my support as all of mine were late (except DS4, 5 days early with ELCS).

good things is that after 37 weeks baby won't even be classed as premature and you are almost there!

I don't think that dropping means that birth is imminent, it could still be weeks.

my SIL was 3cm dilated at 8 months with DC8 (yes, 8th), baby's head fully engaged and cervix 4cm open at 38 weeks, she had mild contractions every evening for weeks, yet she had to be induced at 41+3 as labour would just not kick off.

same again with her 9th.

so worry not, just yet, but I'd pack my bags just in case.

better advice will follow no doubt.

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