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Precipitous (fast) labour advice: has anyone been induced due to a previous fast labour?

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MoottonBun Wed 24-Apr-13 22:44:44

Both my past labours have been fast - 6 hrs and 1hr. With DC3 though I am fraught with worry about not making it in time to hospital, since it's highly likely this one will be equally as fast, if not faster than the last one.

Last time I spoke to my midwife she mentioned induction as a possible option, which I'd not heard of in relation to kickstarting labour before your EDD, but am giving it more and more thought, as it sounds like it could be the most reassuring option.

What worries me though is the so-called cascade of intervention, and I'd rather not go down that road if a natural birth is possible - but ultimately it can't be any worse than giving birth alone/in traffic/on the pavement!

So my question is: if anyone's opted for induction for the same reason, has it gone smoothly, and do you know if it likely to because of the nature of your labours?

cottonwool4brains Tue 16-Sep-14 00:54:08

I'm also worried about this. Dc1 arrived within 45 minutes, fortunately I was already in hospital as my waters broke earlier. I have been told that this labour may last minutes. When are you due?

mrsleomcgary Mon 15-Sep-14 23:57:47

congrats op on the safe arrival smile

I was induced at 38+2 as type 1 diabetic and there was a woman induced at the same time as she had a 90minute labour with her first. I never saw her again on the post natel ward but the night we were induced I was contracting like crazy in a private room when suddenly alarms started going off and two midwives ran past,pushing a bed yelling dont push! Willing to bet it was her.

shirkingworking Wed 10-Sep-14 09:49:50

Hello - I'm resurrecting this thread beacause I'm pregnant with DC3 and a worried after two previous precipitous labours. DC1 born at 38+2, 2 hours 40 mins after waking up (bit of a shock for a first baby...) and DC2 born at 36 weeks - 1 hour 20 mins after first twinge. Luckily I was awake the second time so I felt the first twinge but the pain really started 15 minutes in so would have woken me up about an hour before she was born - and I made it to hospital both times. I'm really really scared of having this baby on my own (with two children around possibly), at work or in a bus stop. Given each labour was shorter AND earlier, I imagine being induced early isn't really an option. (Although maybe I should ask for it if I get to 37 weeks?) I massively prefer the idea of giving birth in hospital, especially given that DC2 was in distress just before she was born and took a little while to breathe. I don't think a homebirth is an option anyway. I was told with DC2 that it would take about an hour for a midwife to get to me. (I live about 15 minutes drive from hospital, depending on traffic. Could be a lot longer at the wrong time of the day - SE London and hospital is King's.)

So, I guess I'm left with the option of:
- neighbours/friends on speed dial (childcare);
- being prepared to call 999;
- making sure I know what to do (theoretically) if it does happen when I'm on my own...

Although I am not at all confident about the third point above as I was in so much pain and handled it so badly with the last two labours that I am very doubtful I'll be able to think straight this time round.

I'll obviously try to get myself to hospital at the first twinge if I can.

Any other ideas!?

MoottonBun Thu 09-May-13 23:29:02

Congratulations Helspopje. Amazing you made it in time. Now you can forget all about it and enjoy your DC (unless you find yourself in this position again with DC#3!) smile

willitbe Tue 07-May-13 12:36:31

Congratulations the safe arrival of your baby, great that you managed to arrive on time even with another super fast arrival.

Helspopje Tue 07-May-13 11:45:56

Update - baby arrived over the weekend - was 13 mins recorded times on the discharge sheet this time (cf 45 mins for #1). was back to back with a hindwater leak so fortunately had enough time to get in. Didnt get my pool again as no time to run it but did a least get a go of G&A. Turned into a total space cadet with closed eyes/non-communcative again but MW-led unit was fab about it all as it was expected after similar performance last time.

Can now pack away the recommended bag of towels (as above) until next time - fab advice btw.

organiccarrotcake Fri 03-May-13 20:25:54

willitbe no one can say whether or not you are "allowed" a home birth. It's always your choice (you of course may not wish to choose it, but it's always your choice).

This is a useful page about strep B, OP:

ReallyTired Wed 01-May-13 22:50:40

I believe that for the anti biotics to work for group B strep they have to be given four hours before the mother gives birth. I suppose that induction is the only way to ensure the baby gets the anti biotics.

Assuming no other complications I think that home birth is the best option for fast labour. Usually women who give birth rapidly have bodies that are effective at childbirth and less likely to have serious complications.

Home birth midwives are experienced and the one to one attentions means they are better at picking up problems early. However home birth is not suitable for all women.

MoottonBun Tue 30-Apr-13 23:59:49

*Willitbe", I discussed the same thing with my midwife re group B strep, that the shorter the time between waters breaking and baby being born, the smaller the risk of infection. Good to know you weren't hauled into hospital for antibiotics and monitoring.
Anyway I am due to see the consultant in a couple of weeks so will see what their feelings are - I'm thinking like you that they'll be reluctant to find me a bed (unless I insist) anyway, so jeez, can't believe I am semi-planning a home birth, certainly not what I'd ever imagined doing but it seems to make the most sense.
Now to sorting waterproof sheets, bundles of clean towels...

willitbe Tue 30-Apr-13 18:34:07

My first labour was not fast, it was a slow back to back one. My second was faster, in that went from "you have been here in hospital for days and you are no-where near giving birth despite all the contractions" to delivery in 2.5 hours. Went from 3cm to delivery in less than an hour. Since we live an hour from the hospital, it would have been a roadside delivery had I been at home.

Third pregnancy I planned for a home birth, but then was told due to strep b I had to have a hospital birth. I had many false alarm trips to the hospital, but in the end did not realise I was in labour (very different from previous labours) for the first 6 contractions and then by the time the midwife and ambulance arrived it was too late to transfer me. Ended up being a home birth after all. Labour less than 90mins.

With regards to the strep b, as the risk to the baby is after the waters have gone and while in birth canal, the risk from strep b with a fast labour is very small. So my local hospital let us not have to go into hospital and just had to watch very carefully for 48hours. So no antibiotics given.

Don't know what would happen if I was ever to give birth again, as would not be "allowed" home birth due to my age and strep b. But I would not be happy with induction, and hospital would not be happy having me in hospital taking up bed while waiting for natural birth! My births have been 38,38 and 39+1weeks, so they would have to do very early induction if I were to have it!

It is a tough decision to go for induction for fast labours.

brokenk Sun 28-Apr-13 19:40:10

I had two normal labours very fast but I was on time in hospital and everything was fine no complications at all and then
I had DS3 and it was a total horror
the labour went really fast I wasnt on time
in hospital I could not push due the past colposcopy and then at the end I had pph lost 1.5l blood and almost died due the ignorance of the hospital staff and doctor mistaken dessision so

Im totaly against home birth and if you do have history of rapid labour in my opinion
is better to be in hospital and to be there ON TIME

Biscuitsneeded Sun 28-Apr-13 13:37:31

Hmm, 1st birth was 8 hours from first twinge. 2nd was recorded as 32 mins. I think I would just carry my hospital bag with me everywhere, always be with people on whom I could offload my kids and then just call a taxi at the first twinge and go straight to hospital. Even if you're not completely sure it's labour. I called a taxi and had no contractions in the car, thought I'd imagined it, got to hospital, had a contraction in the car park, went to labour ward and out popped a baby!

mayhew Sun 28-Apr-13 11:41:45

One of my mums told her 2 year old
: babies come out of a special hole women have next to their bottom hole. All girls and women have one.
: there will be some blood but its ok. Its not hurty blood.
: there might be some poo
: mummy might make a funny noise or even swear!

A few hours after the baby was born, she asked him if he was scared. He said "No. You told me all about it" and went back to the TV.

MoottonBun Sun 28-Apr-13 06:12:03

bigbelly, I feel a bit like you now, having spoken to my midwife and having had a chat about unplanned home birth - as long as an ambulance/assistance is at hand, it doesn't feel like the scary option any more, when compared to the other alternatives.
It just means in the last 2/3 weeks of pregnancy, we'll be confined to our homes, too terrified to set foot outside.
How far down the line are you? I'm 34 weeks now so am working through the anxiety, but also feel a bit better thinking, OK, let's make it more a planned home birth than unplanned. Please let us know how it all goes, won't you.
Thanks Mayhew for your tips, that's very helpful. I hadn't thought about sitting down with my eldest to explain - but I think I will do this now in case, especially since he recently enquired about how babies get out of their mummies' tummies, so he now knows about the "baby hole" ("but where mummy exactly is the baby hole?" grin).

ouryve Fri 26-Apr-13 20:34:56

I had no idea i was at risk when DS2 popped into the world. My labour with DS1 was a 15 day post dates induction which almost ended up as a crash section because he was stuck. DS2 fell into the loo after a few mild and irregular contractions followed by a bit of a cramp.

The boys have stuck to form. DS1 still regularly refuses to budge and has to be manhandled through doorways. DS2 is still a mini houdini.

I was advised to plan a homebirth for any subsequent children. DH had the snip.

mayhew Fri 26-Apr-13 20:24:48

Right. For those at risk of an unplanned speedy home birth.
Have a carrier bag of old towels where you can get them quickly.
Have a plan for childcare and for calling a support adult. Have plans A, B and C.
Talk to all family members about the possibility, including children so they don't get scared if it happens.
If its happening, call 999 and ask for ambulance. Stay on the line and they will talk you through it. They will alert maternity services.
Put the front door on the latch if there is noone to answer the door.
Get into the warmest room in the house. Close windows and doors to reduce draughts.
Keep small children in the room with you if noone can keep an eye on them.
Kneel or sit on a clean towel.
Breathe the baby out as gently as you can.
Rub the baby dry with a clean towel. This will stop it getting cold and stimulate breathing.
Untangle the cord if needed, no need to cut it.
Hold the baby against your chest next to your skin. Cover with another dry towel.
Paramedics or midwife will manage the placenta if it doesn't pop itself out.

Before you know it, help will have arrived.

bigbelly4 Fri 26-Apr-13 13:43:06

Hello ladies!

It's really interesting to read everyones birth stories and advice re precipitive labours.

My previous three have all been in a rush to get out so have had this discussion with my MW and Dr. As my last labour was 29 mins we have discussed both induction and homebirths.

As my three were all born at 38 weeks, induction is not reccomended as it would need to be at 37 ish weeks. So we have agreed on a home birth plan. My husband and eldest son (8!!!!!) are being talked through delivery incase things happen "that" quickly!

I'm now much more relaxed about being at home - still have the "what ifs" in mind but the thought of giving birth in car stuck in traffic is more terrifying!

Having said all this, i will probably now go overdue and have a long labour! wink

Twinklestarstwinklestars Fri 26-Apr-13 13:26:36

I can't have a home birth as I'm high risk due to asthma and pre existing high blood pressure, we also live 45 mins from hospital so don't think I'd be brave enough!

SneakyBiscuitEater Fri 26-Apr-13 09:21:03

I had DC1 as an unplanned unassisted home birth in 1 hour 51 minutes at 38+0. DC2 was a planned home birth, still un assisted as it was 40 odd minutes from start to finish and midwife didn't arrive until well after delivery 40+1.

DC3 I was planning a home birth again but was admitted with multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms emboli? at about 7 and a half months pg. I was an inpatient and was induced due to my high risk complications, not because of my fast labours. DC 3 arrived after 4 contractions each 10 minutes apart. MW said I wasn't in active labour and she would examine me after this next contraction had passed. I pointed out baby was crowning and she managed to get one glove on and almost make it to the bed from the far side of the room before baby was out!

The induction wasn't great and I would have much preferred a planned home birth but hey ho. I ended up having a sweep then my waters broken and a synto drip to kick start the contractions. All the midwives were saying they couldn't believe I needed all this intervention with my history. They were so sure it wasn't working they went off to book a theatre for a c section when I said baby was crowning. I was 38+1 when I was induced.

I loved my home births and would have loved a third one but I understand they are not everyone's cup if tea.

Helspopje Fri 26-Apr-13 09:06:23

1st one 45min from 0-1cm to crowning. currently near term. planning sweeps (1st one beginning of next week) and staying nearby for 4h. Will let you know how it goes as having those odd cervixy twangy pains already so may be good to go.

Induction/elective section was discussed but would prefer to labour naturally if poss as more likely to avoid intervention. Have contacted my local community MW team just in case the first I notice is a desire to push.

poodletip Thu 25-Apr-13 21:27:06

My first was a c/s after a long torturous labour, my second was born in 2.5 hours from the first twinge and that was with pushing for 30 mins after arriving at the hospital fully dilated (needed episiotomy). MW was all for me having a home birth for number 3 but I wasn't keen (after my experience with my first) although I could see the logic, and the consultant just about had kittens at the suggestion grin. Luckily I only live about 10 mins from hospital so I was told in no uncertain terms to go in at the very first sign of anything happening whatsoever.

In the end I had a trickle of waters at 3am, started contracting in the car on the way there, made it through triage to the delivery room just at the point I was starting to really feel the need for some G&A and the baby was delivered 4.5 hours after that first trickle of waters. It was not far off perfect, being at the hospital in good time makes all the difference! I didn't even have time for G&A with my second!

I was so worried about it all before hand though, I do know how that feels.

MoottonBun Thu 25-Apr-13 19:57:42

Very interesting replies, thanks.
Twinkle, what's your plan then - will they really admit you around due date, or is home birth looking like an option? Did they not mention induction to you?
Gimme, I'm not sure home birth is an option because on top of the precipitous thing, I have also tested positive for Group B Strep, so baby will probably need antibiotics straight away (although it's a bit too early to test again for that now), because presumably there won't be enough time them to be given to me in advance - but it's something I'll bring up with my midwife tomorrow in case.
Mayhew -thanks for your perspective - how likely is it that the time I go in for an induction my cervix would happen to be ready confused - especially with your 20 minute lady and Miaow's amazing 0-10 in 15 minutes! Feels like we are discussing super cars now grin.

MiaowTheCat Thu 25-Apr-13 13:45:40

Hospital were very very cautious about me being at home when I was threatening pre-term labour because of this... lots of scare stories about roadside babies and me being made to promise to get back in at every single twinge (... oh how much that cost us in hospital parking). Following that, and having the absolute in utter case of desperation (the only circumstances I'd cross the threshold of that place) knowledge we'd have to drive past the hellhole local hospital to get to the one we were booked in at - we took the risk of me going home and not mouldering in hospital for a fortnight plus.

I get enough warning and pains even though I'm NOT in labour (totally undilated, cervix long and closed) to have got myself back in anyway (and because it's not "official labour" I didn't get let loose on the gas and air mutter mutter mutter mutter) before things kicked off and I went from 0-dilated and baby arriving in under 15 minutes.

No more for us though (hubby's going for the snip) - shame cos one very mischievous part of me would really like to know just how fast I could dilate and deliver a third one!

mayhew Thu 25-Apr-13 12:29:40

I have had clients who have opted for an induction around term because of this. The idea is that there is some control over place and staff being available. Only worth trying if the cervix is very ready.

Others have booked a home birth in order for the service to come to them.

There is an increased risk of heavy bleeding from a superfast labour and that may be a factor to consider.

I was with a woman last week who was 2cm in triage (2nd baby) with strong contractions and delivered 20mins later! All was well. She did not want a home birth.

Gimmeechocolate Thu 25-Apr-13 12:00:18

My first labour was 5 hours, second about 2.5 hours and I have just had my third baby, established labour was about an hour but had a few pains for a couple of hours before. I've never heard of induction for fast labours but I was advised to have a homebirth so as not to risk giving birth in the car. I can honestly say it was the best experience. Is this something you would consider?

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