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Best private option for natural delivery?

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Aefeth Tue 23-Apr-13 21:57:12

Hi everyone,
After reading through many threads i'm a little concerned that it may be very difficult to have a natural birth while going the private route-it seems like almost everything ive read about someone giving birth at lindo, cw kensington, or the portland is in regards to an emergency or elective cs, which is worrisome.
I have private insurance and i value the continuity of care that going with private care offers, but i dont want a cesarean and im not sure the best way to navigate my options to get the best shot for natural birth.
Suggestions anyone? I called around to several obstetricians today to ask questions about them supporting natural birth and they pretty much all gave the same kind of standard answers.
Advice anyone?

MrsPatrickDempsey Tue 23-Apr-13 22:31:57

Independant midwife??

QTPie Tue 23-Apr-13 23:39:57

Almost identical thread - - hope it helps.

Audrey2013 Tue 23-Apr-13 23:47:51

I feel exactly like you do (and had a similar post earlier) so hopefully experienced ladies will come along with some proper advice...

I am pregnant with my first and what I have managed to find out (after visiting 4 NHS hospitals with private wings/facilities) is:
- St Mary's Lindo Wing consultants are great but there are not many facilities for achieving natural birth. I'm sure they won't stop you from trying but there are no swimming pool, birthing balls, not much space to move around in the room so your only option is to stay on the bed (which supposedly doesn't help much).
- UCLH does only CS privately.
- St Thomas' (Lansdell Suit) does have a birthing pool, and I heard Mr Eugene is very pro-natural birth (haven't even met him myself but that's what ppl say). They don't have a nursery though.
- Queen Charlotte's (Sir Stanley Clayton ward) has a birthing pool, balls, mats, etc, the staff and atmosphere seemed really warm and pleasant to me although not as shiny as Lindo Wing at St Mary's (it's a nightmare for me to get to thoughsmile

On the one hand I try to persuade myself that consultant will not be there with you from the very beginning, and once you start pushing if everything goes ok why would he use forceps etc. On the other hand I know how medicalised approach to dealing with things can mean reaching for instruments at the first sign of a not-textbook-perfect picture, and that is scary...

Aefeth Thu 25-Apr-13 17:18:49

Thanks Audrey and MsPatrickDempsey.
Regarding the Independent Midwife, I read in a few threads that these are "going away" in October because of some sort of insurance issue? Where can you find an independent Midwife? Are they able to practice in any hospital?

Audrey I would love to chat with you more about this! How far along are you? We are due Oct 12th.

Yikes the similar thread looks like it degenerated into debate between a few individuals about their birthing philosophies. Hopefully someone else can also chime in with some additional advice!! smile

Aefeth Thu 25-Apr-13 17:35:21

Also, does anyone have thoughts about the midwife led care at the Portland or Kensington Wing of C&W?

abbyfromoz Thu 25-Apr-13 17:59:04

I didn't think private health insurance covered pregnancy and childbirth? I was told it would only cover medical complications? (Do tell!!! Nosey)
I had DD at st Mary's birthing centre (MLU) but unfortunately was unable to see same MW throughout pregnancy which is the only drawback to non private natural birth in an MLU...IMO...
There's a women's wellness centre on Fulham Road which might be a good resource for information?

Aefeth Thu 25-Apr-13 18:20:44

Our insurance covers 100% of maternity care, testing, delivery, hospital stays, etc. but it's an international policy because we are expats, so maybe that has something to do with it? It's basically equivalent to the coverage we would have in the States. We have to pay the fees upfront and then we are reimbursed for it by the insurance company. It is Cigna.

abbyfromoz Thu 25-Apr-13 19:53:40

Wow... Intriguing (strokes imaginary goatee)...
I wish that was an option here but might have to have DC2 in Aus if we want to go private. Asked for a private room at St Mary's as due to complications i had to be transferred from MLU onto a ward....£1000 for a box room with a chair for DH to sleep in. I <del>escaped</del> checked out as quickly as I could!

firesideskirt Thu 25-Apr-13 20:56:52

Your impression is not correct, that it's difficult to have a natural birth privately.
I've had 3 straightforward births at C&W. My first was under midwifery-led care. I would not do it again although all went fine and they were very skilled, no complaints, but they were rather matter-of-fact and I just got who was there on the day . Both have since retired and the MWs I have met since were lovely, but you don't get continuity of care and the MWs there are used to deferring to the obstetricians on the unit. I know plenty of people who've had straightforward natural births under obstetric care at C&W and Portland. The OB only turns up for the delivery anyway or if needed sooner.
I think you want to look for the best care rather than having a particular mindset as to the way it should go. If there is any complication on the MW-led plan they will refer you to either to a consultant or the NHS which may (in an emergency situation) involve more junior doctors - when your insurance would have paid for an experienced consultant who will know your pregnancy and your history.

Aefeth Fri 26-Apr-13 12:01:02

Hi Firesideskirt,
It's not clear to me from your message if you went through NHS which does have high rates of VB, or if you went private. I'm glad you were able to have three natural deliveries, but with all due respect, if you went through private the statistics go against your individual example when you look at the cesarean rates, which is why I am concerned.
I do understand that the data is somewhat skewed as some women in private care choose to have ELCS, but the numbers still seem shockingly high.

I am definitely aiming to get the best care possible, it just seems that some definitions of "best" are very different than mine.

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