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Sodding latent phase

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Tiredtrout Tue 23-Apr-13 11:30:18

I know I'm only 37+5, I know I'm still working but and it's a very big one at the moment, I measured my waist, I'm 50 inches around when I'm only 63 inches tall in total.

Everyone keeps commenting at work on my size, my feet are swollen to the point where it's painful to walk, the chairs at work are uncomfortable, I'm up half the night because by the time I've managed to get up to the toilet I can't get back to sleep, I have constant back pain, my boobs hurt and I'm having good contractions with pressure down below for a few hours at a time at 7 minutes apart and a minute in length.

Why won't this baby just get out now?

I will continue now looking happy and serene after getting that out but seriously this is totally beyond funny now

Tiredtrout Mon 06-May-13 15:26:01

Off home again, apparently it's not waters but watery discharge, who knew that you could gush discharge? Good heartbeat and contractions picked up on the ctg. did have to explain exactly why I didn't want to be at the hospital to the supervisor of midwives who will write it all up on the notes that they hold there to explain my fears and a promise that if I ended up there for any reason I would be treated with kid gloves. So not a total loss

StiffyByng Mon 06-May-13 16:48:06

Oh good news! Here's to you continuing to move towards that happy home birth.

Tiredtrout Tue 07-May-13 14:00:01

How's it going today Wilde, I appear to be having a day off from it all which is brilliant I even got sleep last night

WildeRumpus Tue 07-May-13 14:14:22

Trout am glad you don't have to be induced and double glad you have the day off smile. I am having my third day off in a row! Sleeping terribly tho etc etc but is really nice just being able to go out without thinking I am in labour or grimacing with contractions or palming ds off on people.

Actually today I feel like bubs is very comfy indeed! 39 weeks... Eek.

WildeRumpus Wed 08-May-13 14:26:11

Just had mw appt - apparently if I chill out it will happen... Hehe as if smile

Hope all ok today trout?

Am tired and niggly today but otherwise seems like bubs is very happy indeed in there. Declined a stretch and sweep which am so regretting but then again am keen for bubs to come when he is good and ready... Ho hum!

Tiredtrout Wed 08-May-13 14:42:45

Oh god not the relax and it'll happen bolleaux. I heard that enough when we were ttc, bet you did too. I'm still here with the on and off crap. Getting pressure in the lady garden too. Would love to have it in the next couple of days as otherwise there is a strong possibility of my pil's being here, they've invited themselves for 5 days even though they know I'm booked in for a home birth! Apparently I can tell them to leave at any time not sure how that works though.

I've started knitting again to distract me but I don't know how that's working out.

At least you were offered a sweep, if you change your mind about if you can always go back I suppose. Are you getting enough sleep?

WildeRumpus Wed 08-May-13 15:03:22

I know is so silly, how I am to ignore the cramping etc especially when am likely to.have a very quick birth when it does kick off I don't know! Yes heard it all TTC smile ah well. They mean well and I do see what they mean even if it is unrealistic!

Ah knitting, lovely! Er, your in laws are coming to stay?! Eek! Well that should help you take your mind off it anyways! Hehe.

Nooo sleeping pretty badly atm. Whacked.

Tiredtrout Wed 08-May-13 15:11:48

Must be afternoon nap time by now surely, especially if you end up awake half the night

NaturalBaby Wed 08-May-13 15:17:09

I only had this for 2 days but it nearly drove me mad. It was my 3rd homebirth. When it did eventually get going active labour was only 1/2hr, midwives where parking up as his head arrived.

Tiredtrout Wed 08-May-13 15:21:11

That sounds good, I'm hoping for quick when it does go properly but this stopping and starting for two weeks now is just exhausting

WildeRumpus Wed 08-May-13 18:02:00

Won't be long trout smile

No naps for me - I am sahm with a boisterous 3 year old boy! Daily life is quite the opposite! He is in nursery tomorrow morning tho when I plan to lie on the settee and not.move till I have to smile

Tiredtrout Wed 08-May-13 18:10:55

Hopefully not long for either of us. I remember 3 with my others, I'm normally a wohm with a 12 and 16yo, I'm on day 5 of maternity leave and finding the adjustment strange, at least my eldest will be about soon, she graduates on Friday to start study leave!

40w tomorrow and can't see this going on another 2 weeks

MiaowTheCat Wed 08-May-13 20:27:29

It's shite - I had almost 2 weeks of it (and a fucking fortune in hospital parking charges by the end of it) - things would look promising and interesting all night but I'd be unable to sleep because of the pains... then come morning the contractions would piss off again.

If it's any consolation - when I DID start to dilate it happened very quickly - 0cm to baby in under 15 minutes.

StiffyByng Thu 09-May-13 04:34:30

Started here. 39+6 today. Have been awake all night with obviously non-productive contractions that have now tailed off. The sleepless fun begins!

Tiredtrout Thu 09-May-13 05:06:41

Stiffy you poor thing but welcome to our terribly selective club. I've been awake for about an hour now too with cramps. Hopefully they'll come to something or stop soon.

Are you going to be able to get any more sleep today?

StiffyByng Thu 09-May-13 09:44:11

I've had a good chunk of sleep and my toddler is in nursery today so I can lie on the sofa all day. How are your cramps doing?

I was rather hoping this wouldn't happen again but at least this time round I didn't get excited!

Tiredtrout Thu 09-May-13 09:49:45

Fantastically as its my due date and the pils have invited themselves for a long weekend from tomorrow, they've stopped again. My dp are coming this afternoon to supervise me so I'll take my df out for a walk and coffee with the dog leaving dm to work from my house. See if a long walk does anything then I'm going to have to jump dh again to night to see of anything more happens. I don't think it'll come out with the pil in the house watching my every move!

WildeRumpus Thu 09-May-13 10:11:55

aw stiffy hopefully a day lounging around will help smile

I am chilling today to as toddler is also in nursery (woke up and got bundled him out of the house in indecent haste this morning!) and am about to have a bath and then watch ridiculous tv and eat doughnuts/bourbons and drink tea. DH is even picking him up so don't even have that deadline smile

tired good luck being so preggers and with your in laws visiting. Are they lovely and helpful types? That would be nice. I can't think of anything worse than playing hostess atm I have to say. Arf to walking, I walk miles and it has done bugger all smile

I have constant period pain and backache... which I am becoming accustomed to. Sorted out my birthing room a bit better last night so feel more relaxed about where I can labour (and possible deliver if super quick) and so am all ready.

Right, bath awaits!

Tiredtrout Thu 09-May-13 10:22:02

They are not helpful and easy guests more hyper critical, disapproving and dismissive of me. Still maybe I can take out some frustration on them, I was hoping baby would be here by now so I could just lock myself in my bedroom under the guise of establishing breast feeding.

The room is ready, the bubbly is in the fridge, the house is as clean as I can be arsed with. I'm reduced to knitting!

WildeRumpus Thu 09-May-13 10:28:31

Oh no trout! Why have they come to stay? Oh dear, poor you sad

WildeRumpus Thu 09-May-13 10:32:35

Oh no trout! Why have they come to stay? Oh dear, poor you sad

Tiredtrout Thu 09-May-13 10:32:52

They see grandchildren as something to be competitive about, it's an age old thing I've seen with lots of other pil issue threads, they want to see the baby first, never mind the other children or my parents! I'm beginning to think it could be why it's staying in there, doesn't want to meet them! My dp on the other hand are just worried about me which is why they are visiting today to keep me company and have been actively asking what help I need rather than dictating. Even my dh seems to prefer their approach

Tiredtrout Thu 09-May-13 10:33:46

Still stiffy and Wilde I'm off to do some chores while thinking dilating thoughts

WildeRumpus Thu 09-May-13 10:38:10

Oh Crikey how stressful. I would hide the baby!

Thinking dilating thoughts! Hehe!

StiffyByng Thu 09-May-13 11:50:26

It's entirely possible that's what's keeping the baby in, Trout. The brain is very powerful. My in-laws were here last weekend unexpectedly and although they are not like yours, I knew there was just no way I would go into labour with my FiL in the house! I recommend still locking yourself away feeling 'ill'.

Got to admire your jumping your other half. I was thinking last night that I'd meant to give it all one last go before the post-partum misery, and now I'd left it too late. I really also should go for a walk but it feels sore to stand up and I'm being a wimp.

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