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Third degree tear

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Coleminer Fri 19-Apr-13 08:44:48

I gave birth 7 weeks ago and suffered a third degree tear. It's finally starting to feel a little more comfortable now but I'm still wearing pads as i keep leaking wee. Has anyone else had this and how long did it take to stop? I'm doing my pelvic floor exercises religiously. Also, I had a look down there in the mirror and I do look quite stretched, will this ever go back to normal? I'm quite depressed about all this and found the birth quite traumatic, I'm worried I'll be too scared to ever have sex again!

cathan Fri 19-Apr-13 10:16:16

I had a 3rd degree tear with my DD and landed up having to have ultrasound treatment for my scar which had healed wrong. Although I'd mentioned that it was still uncomfortable at my 6 week check, it wasn't until 12 weeks when I complained again that my GP finally took the problem seriously and referred me. The physio was then cross and said I should have been seen earlier! So I think you should see your GP and get help, especially as you're leaking urine which definitely should NOT be happening. The physio really help sort me out and I'm sure that there's treatment which will help you. Even after a 3rd degree tear, the medics should help you get everything in that area back to where you are comfortable and confident. Hope this helps.

MrsJLS85 Fri 19-Apr-13 11:27:20

I had a 3rd degree tear, and the recovery was shocking. Sex was painful for about 6 months but it all did eventually heal, and 2 years later I do feel as if I'm back to 100%. When I take a look 'down there' things definitely look different, but I think that may be normal after giving birth...
I would definitely talk to your GP but also keep in mind that 3rd degree tears do take a while to heal from.

corkgirlindublin Fri 19-Apr-13 11:42:05

Are you not getting physio? I had a third degree tear and got weekly physio for 6 weeks after the birth and saw a specialist consultant about 3 months after the birth. It took lots of physio to regain pelvic floor and wind control. Disclaimer - I'm in Dublin, not the UK but I would have thought you'd be offered some. In the mean time lie on the bed and bend you knees and keep your feet flat. Pull in your pelvic floor as if you are trying not to fart (sorry). Do it say 10 times and try hold it in for increasing lengths of time. That was mainly what I did with the physio. I was able to use tampons again after about 6 months. I can't specifically remember but I do know sex was occasionally uncomfortable for about 6 months too. However 2 years on (and pregnant on number 2) all is normal down there. Sorry you have to go through this - no women should have to experience this!

MiaowTheCat Fri 19-Apr-13 21:10:59

I'd second the physio thing - when I had DD1 they actually had the women's health physios visit every woman who'd had a 3rd/4th degree tear the morning after the birth to go through recovery - followed by an appointment at the physio outpatients 4 weeks or so after the delivery (which some comedian had re-sited to next to NICU so I was a gibbering wreck with flashbacks by the time I got to my appointment having had to watch couples going in and out of the unit while waiting).

Granted the follow up appointment was pretty much a list of yes/no questions with an examination if you felt up to it (I didn't - wasn't in the best mental state for the reasons mentioned above) - but at least it kept you in the system till it looked like you were on the road to recovery.

For what it's worth - biggest variety of 3rd degree tear with DD1... small 2nd degree one with DD2 (was almost not of note at all but since they had me getting spinalled up to get the placenta out - they stitched it at the same time) - both babies within the space of 11 months and after a brief couple of weeks of small issues... and I'm pretty much back to normal apart from not being able to hold onto a full bladder all morning like I used to be able to do (oh the joys of teaching when you can't fit having a pee into your working morning!), and things must have got back to normal in the bedroom department (although I was terrified I'd split down the middle and my legs would fall off like some wonky Barbie doll) if you look at the age gap between my kids!

I always did find the mental idea of having that level of tear the biggest issue though - rather than the actual reality which recovered pretty quickly all things considered. The fear of having sex and the post-birth poo of doom was all much worse than the actual reality of it all!

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