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Milk from the nose

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JoyfulJoyful Fri 19-Apr-13 04:30:33

Hello, I'm here both petrified and guilt ridden. My 9 week old baby woke for his feed and whilst still very sleepy I shoved my boob into his mouth only for him to cough and I realised milk coming out from his nose. I immediately put him upright and he seems fine although I'm scared I may have done some damage. Should I take him to see GP in the morning?

He's sleeping now and breathing fine.

monsterchild Fri 19-Apr-13 04:32:24

No he'll be fine. Milk won't hurt anything up there!

elvislives2012 Fri 19-Apr-13 04:33:39

My DD had this too. When she was feeding it would drip out if her nose sometimes. If you're worried then take her to the GP in the morning but don't feel guilty- boob shoving is normal! smile

JoyfulJoyful Fri 19-Apr-13 04:34:09

Thank you Monsterchild. I feel so guilty for not being fully awake. I feel like such a bad mom.

JoyfulJoyful Fri 19-Apr-13 04:36:02

Thanks elvislives. I feel more guilt than worry. He seems fine and is now fast asleep.

duchesse Fri 19-Apr-13 04:40:48

Oh they do that all the time! It's better it comes out through the nose than go down the other way...

You are not a bad mum! There is a thread in classics of hideous things people have done to their children by accident that will make you laugh and laugh. I'll see if I can find it.

JoyfulJoyful Fri 19-Apr-13 04:46:04

Thanks duchesse. Your post is most reassuring.

duchesse Fri 19-Apr-13 04:49:37

Funny thread here if you're having trouble getting back to sleep.

JoyfulJoyful Fri 19-Apr-13 04:51:50

Thanks so much duchesse, really appreciate it.

CailinDana Sat 20-Apr-13 08:06:46

My poor dd (8 weeks) was very stuffed up with a cold till the same thing happened to her. Cleared her out a treat! I think it's a pretty normal thing

blackteaplease Sat 20-Apr-13 08:08:44

They are connected so its fine. Ds did this at every feed until he was about 6 weeks old when he grew out of it.

isambardo Sat 20-Apr-13 09:00:32

My son did this too in the first couple months, quite glad to hear this happens to others as well! Seemed to clear him out quite well when he had a cold smile

Radiator1234 Sat 20-Apr-13 10:39:28

Completely normal we had it most days at first and still now sometimes she is 6 weeks

WouldBeHarrietVane Sun 21-Apr-13 20:19:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lurcherlover Sun 21-Apr-13 20:24:22

Joyful, if it makes you feel better when my baby was two months old I posted on here asking if I needed to take him to hospital after my (big) dog trod on his chest blush. You're a long way away from "worst mother of the world" award grin

duchesse Sun 21-Apr-13 21:54:49

Am I the only one wondering what the MN consensus was on baby trodden on by dog (a lurcher?) FWIW, I reckon that unless the dog had been about to leap up, the chances are that most of its weight would have been on the other three paws and it wouldn't have had time to put press down much with paw on chest. Hope baby was OK!

duchesse Sun 21-Apr-13 21:56:29

And lurcher, I see your 2 mo accidentally trodden on by dog and raise you one 4mo bounced on by (just) 2 year old brother. Red marks and everything.

lurcherlover Sun 21-Apr-13 22:34:54

Heh heh. The MN consensus was that as he didn't cry (or even wake up) it was unlikely that said dog had broken all his ribs, as I was panicking...he's two now and doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects!

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