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long wait ahead?

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goddessturnedfrump Wed 17-Apr-13 18:21:43

Following on from my whingey had enough of pregnancy post, kind of...

Was examined at hospital today (monitored due to reduced movements) and found to be 1cm dilated, but cervix has thinned to 0.5cm. Third baby. Midwife says she'd be extremely shocked if I made it past the weekend like this without going into labour with my cervix being so thin. I'm still expecting a loooong wait. Dull backache and losing plug but no contractions (although tightening's did show on monitor).

Please someone give me hope smile

cazboldy Thu 18-Apr-13 10:11:21

3rd babies are notorious!

mine came in 45 mins from first twinge to birth!

I think your mw is right!

Good Luck xx

ShowOfHands Thu 18-Apr-13 10:18:16

My friend had the same thing with her third. Taken in for spotting and reduced movement and she was 1 cm dilated (normal with subsequent babies) but fairly effaced too. She was 38+6 and told it was imminent. Her dd2 was born at 41+3. grin Labour was only 90 minutes though (I was her birth partner). She woke up, waters broke, contractions on top of each other immediately, drive to hospital, examined, 10cm, push a few times and voila!

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