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Recommendations of a reputable obstetrician

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twinkletoes38 Tue 16-Apr-13 16:53:20


I'm looking for recommendations for a good, private obstetrician who will deliver in an NHS hospital. Particularly one that does a neat job with scars. My last Cesarean was horrific and I was left with dreadful scarring.

QTPie Tue 16-Apr-13 19:20:58

Where are you?

You are looking for a private obstetrucian to deliver privately in the private wing of an NHS hospital or something else?

Ashinagai Tue 16-Apr-13 23:28:10

Con Kelleher at St Thomas is wonderful. I had a section with him 10 weeks ago, hardly any pain and almost invisible scar. According to one of the community midwives I saw after the birth, he is 'the man' in London for c sections. Also a lovely person and takes time to explain everything. Good luck with your pregnancy smile

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