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37 weeks plus 3 with baby number 2. Fed up and trying everything with no luck!

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LittleMissJoJo Sun 14-Apr-13 11:49:38

Hi all! I am new to mumsnet and was browsing and found loads of old threads from last year regarding this waiting game and going overdue! One thread turned into a lovely little supportive club so hoping this will happen here as could do with the moral support and encouragement that this will all end in a baby at some point!! smile

I have a beautiful DS who was 4 on 12th Feb and is even more excited than me and his daddy to meet his little sister due on 2nd May!!!

I am well and truly fed up already, feel huge, no energy left and increasingly concerned that this labour is going to go the same way as first, induced at 41 plus 4 with a pessary, 8 agonising sweeps, 52 hour labour due to partial moon shaped piece of cervix not wanting to dilate back! All on gas and air with a 2nd degree tear sutured by surgeon sad

Sorry for long intro, but literally want baby out NOW smile

Been bouncing on birthing ball since 37weeks, been taking epo orally (2x 500mg a day) and rubbed a capsule on belly since friday still too scared to insert!!! Ate about 30 currys, 3000 steaming hot baths, walked 3 million miles but apart from an increase in discharge (sorry for tmi but may be my plug gradually!) (hopeful face!!) A few niggles in sides and back, diarrhoea, insomnia and feeling like i have a bowling ball between my legs we have nothing!!

Please tell me you are all in the same boat??!?! Anyone???!! smile

LittleMissJoJo Sat 04-May-13 22:24:47

Congrats Teapig, what a beautiful name!! grin

Well I am still waiting after 2 sweeps, loss of my mucus plug and irregular contractions for at least a week.......40+3 tomorrow sad

How are the rest of you ladies getting on??

Teapig Sun 05-May-13 01:20:30

Sending birthing vibes your way littlemiss and hoping your little one arrives very soon.

ButteryJam Sun 05-May-13 06:16:24


Congrats to all those that gave birth smile

I'd like to join in, I'm 37 weeks. Started having RL tea and started perineum massage rather reluctantly. Never head of Evening Primose Oil but will look into it and get some! Besides that I need to start walking from next week. Though good news is baby is 3/5 engaged.

LittleMissJoJo Sun 05-May-13 09:02:17

Thanks Teapig hope you and your Lo are doing well!

Hi ButteryJam how are you feeling, I think the last few weeks are always the hardest, is this your first?

I still can't believe DD is not here yet, she is definitely stubborn like DS who was 40+11! I go to bed every night with everything crossed and hope all day but nothing!!

I have been taking EPO capsules orally since about your stage but not sure if they have done much?? I still only have a bishops score of 6 with 2cm dilation but my cervix is soft and anterior so maybe they are doing something??!

I am now a firm believer of they will come when they and your body are ready! I have got a little sceptical about all the self help and feel LOs were probably on there way out regardless! grin

ButteryJam Sun 05-May-13 09:43:07

LittleMissJo, thanks, you are patient smile I think that is a good attitude to have - they will come when they are ready smile

It is my 1st so I'm even more keen on getting things moving, as everyone talks about 1st timers going over due and need to be induced. We have a lovely birth centre here that only takes natural births, so that's another thing motivating me to try everything I can to get things moving wink but lo and behold, if baby is anything like partner, it won't want to come out!

ButteryJam Sun 05-May-13 09:43:48

LittleMissJoJo, have you tried acupuncture btw?

organiccarrotcake Sun 05-May-13 14:19:24

You don't "need" to be induced if you go overdue - as in if that's the only reason. You may choose to, but it's your choice smile

Also, birth centres legally have to have a REALLY GOOD REASON to not let you in. They may throw all sorts of rubbish at you but in fact they're on dodgy legal ground to refuse women for reasons like "overdue". If you want to you can ask to be monitored, to see how your baby is doing and how the placenta is looking, rather than risking induction, which for some women can be absolutely fine, but for others can be very, very hard. Certainly inductions lead to a higher risk of interventions so generally it's considered to induce when the risk of not doing so is higher than the risk of doing so.

Not liking the word "risk" here either... sorry.

Sympathy to all of you hanging in there at the end smile xx

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