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37 weeks plus 3 with baby number 2. Fed up and trying everything with no luck!

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LittleMissJoJo Sun 14-Apr-13 11:49:38

Hi all! I am new to mumsnet and was browsing and found loads of old threads from last year regarding this waiting game and going overdue! One thread turned into a lovely little supportive club so hoping this will happen here as could do with the moral support and encouragement that this will all end in a baby at some point!! smile

I have a beautiful DS who was 4 on 12th Feb and is even more excited than me and his daddy to meet his little sister due on 2nd May!!!

I am well and truly fed up already, feel huge, no energy left and increasingly concerned that this labour is going to go the same way as first, induced at 41 plus 4 with a pessary, 8 agonising sweeps, 52 hour labour due to partial moon shaped piece of cervix not wanting to dilate back! All on gas and air with a 2nd degree tear sutured by surgeon sad

Sorry for long intro, but literally want baby out NOW smile

Been bouncing on birthing ball since 37weeks, been taking epo orally (2x 500mg a day) and rubbed a capsule on belly since friday still too scared to insert!!! Ate about 30 currys, 3000 steaming hot baths, walked 3 million miles but apart from an increase in discharge (sorry for tmi but may be my plug gradually!) (hopeful face!!) A few niggles in sides and back, diarrhoea, insomnia and feeling like i have a bowling ball between my legs we have nothing!!

Please tell me you are all in the same boat??!?! Anyone???!! smile

seriouscakeeater Tue 16-Apr-13 08:18:03

Ha ha ha glad your feeling in a better place jumping.

I didn't have a great night sleep last night, sleeping with a rock hard mountain me and dh snoring sufferring with a cold , when j finally did get off he woke me up to ask me to turn over as I was breathing in his face!!! Honestly is love to know where you get those fake pregnancy bellys from!

Good look today jumping!!!

LittleMissJoJo Tue 16-Apr-13 09:27:32

Haha breathing in his face.....I have had that one too cake the cheek of it I say! grin
Actually had a better night last night thanks to those blue boots earplugs jumping!!! Woke for the usual wee breaks but apart from that it was my best sleep in a while!
Off to MW today then a spot of pampering....unfortunately not for me! sad Taking DS to see my nan to colour her hair. Good luck with the acupuncture today jumping may have to give that a go!

Have a good day ladies smile

LittleMissJoJo Tue 16-Apr-13 09:30:12

And as for the orgasm I have no chance of that! DH is one of those that it freaks him out when I start to get bigger! Elephant in the room so to speak and for once the elephant not being me! grin

Teapig Tue 16-Apr-13 10:31:50

Sounds like a good day ahead jumpinggrin I hope it does the trick.

Well I've just got back from the.midwife and apparently baby is still high with her head free so no way labour is going to start without her moving down. I'm booked in for a sweep next week if she's lower and then they'll set an induction date for term + 12 or 13 so I could have another couple of weeks sad

I'm really quite scared at the idea of induction, has anyone had an induction before?

jumpinghoops Tue 16-Apr-13 13:04:08

Teapig- I've just seen your other thread, try not to worry about induction, I know thats easier said than done but I do know many friends who've had a pessary induction and had an absolutely fine experience, apart from the fact that they had the pessary to get things going, they've all then gone on to labour in a midwife led unit and had similar sounding experiences to people who've laboured naturally.

For what it's worth, I'm not worried about being induced as such- I would just prefer to labour at home, but if it comes to induction so be it.

I would though ask them to explain what will happen and the series of stages to being induced so you're ready and confident in making choices that you want to make ie. whether you are happy for waters to be broken/if you'd like any pain relief if you are hooked up to the syntocin drip.

Anyone with any snorers: must get to Boots for BioEars, they are magical. my DP's snoring is so bad that we once went camping and a lady on the campsite came storming into our tent in the middle of the night and hit him!!

The acupuncture was wonderful, it was almost partly counselling/part acupuncture. The lady that did it was a midwife before becoming acupuncturist and she felt position, listened to heartbeat etc. just as midwife would. We talked through my previous birth, why I may have any anxiety and she reassured me that 40 + 4 was really NOT overdue. She said he was in a great position, sounded really happy and that she was going to treat me for any anxiety. I don't anticipate that it's going to suddenly make me go into labour- but I do now feel utterly relaxed and confident about labouring and I think that is almost more of a bonus. If anyone is based in North or East London I'll pass her contact details onto you.

Teapig Tue 16-Apr-13 15:38:38

Thanks jumping. Good point on asking for clarification on the stages. I think once I'm clearer on that I'll feel better about it and of course it might not come to induction.

The acupuncture sounds wonderful, having an ex-midwife must have been great. I might look into acupuncture partly for something to do while I wait.

LittleMissJoJo Wed 17-Apr-13 14:49:15

Hey Ladies, how are we all feeling today??
Had MW yesterday, baby is now 2/5 engaged which was good news but did plot below centile so had to go straight up to hospital for a growth scan. All measured ok and baby approx 7lb but have been booked for another one on 30th presuming I go that long! I also asked the MW when the earliest the guidelines recommend an internal exam/possible sweep. Suprisingly they say from 38weeks onwards if requested and I am 38weeks tomo so have an appointment with MW tuesday at 38+5! grin

I must say the braxton hicks have been getting considerably more painful the past few days!

seriouscakeeater Wed 17-Apr-13 14:58:33

Good afternoon girls!! littlemiss I didn't know you could request a sweep! I had MW this morning to and little dd is not engaged! Still sat on my boody ribs! lol

jumping lmao about DH snoring ha ha wowzers! Poor you! How you feeling today? Any news?

teapig how have you got on with the acupuncture? Might do it myself !

jumpinghoops Wed 17-Apr-13 16:01:16

Right, I don't know what's going on but I think (hope) I might be at the very beginning of something here. I've had increasingly crampy (in a period kinda way) today, now have a hot water bottle tucked down my trousers and sitting on ball which is nice and comfy. Every so often I have a stronger period type pain but it doesn't feel anything like a contraction which last time felt very different to this (the ones I've had at night are similar to what I remember from before). What the hell is this? grin

Teapig Wed 17-Apr-13 16:04:55

Afternoon ladies. Well it's my due date and no sign of baby wanting to come out, she's still not engaged and no amount of walking or ball bouncing is shifting her down. I'm starting to think I might have a weird shaprf pelvis.

I didn't know you could get a sweep before full term, so much differs from area to area. I've got one booked for next week.

serious I haven't tried acupuncture yet but I'm very tempted.

Come on babies, don't keep us waiting much longer.

LittleMissJoJo Wed 17-Apr-13 20:14:58

Definitely varies from area to area have found that with a lot of things but you are considered full term from 37 weeks and yes at 38 weeks if you request they can do a VE to see your progress and sweep if requested. Thats the case in Bournville, Birmingham anyway!!

Jumping sounds like your little one is getting that head well and truly down, I was free two weeks ago and after at least a week of crampy period type pain she is now 2/5 engaged. MW said pains were definitely her head dropping in pelvis. I have had a day of intense back ache and pain in my sides too, hopefully these are all good signs for us! grin

tasmaniandevilchaser Wed 17-Apr-13 20:52:37

Hello everyone, I'm in the same boat, 37wks and hoping DS makes an appearance before I'm induced. I've got a 4yr old as well littlemiss. I was induced with her. I think DS is quite comfy in there though he is 2/5 engaged.

I am pretty gigantic, people always look at me with popping eyes in the street, esp if I'm frowning, a lady asked me if I was ok yesterday - I think she thought i was in labour.

I had a similar experience with the stitching last time littlemiss, though I complained until they got some proper local anaesthetic down there.

jumping!i'm shock at your stitching story! Hope your symptoms mean something is happening.

jumpinghoops Thu 18-Apr-13 01:32:37

Ladies- get thee to acupuncture, our little boy was born at 11pm this eve!!

Had a fairly fast birth, I'm guesstimating 6 hours established labour, I was 7cm when midwives arrived at home and 20 minutes later he was here!!

Notafoodbabyanymore Thu 18-Apr-13 02:08:02

Congratulations jumpinghoops! flowers

I'm joining in too. Due on Saturday with DC2, but desperate for it to come now. I have gestational diabetes and the recommendation here (Australia) is to induce on due date. But also trying for a VBAC so recommendation is to wait to start naturally.

Just want baby to come so I don't have to argue with the consultant!

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Teapig Thu 18-Apr-13 11:38:40

Congratulations jumping! That sounds like a fast birth. I hope you're recovering well and your having lots of lovely newborn snuggles.

LittleMissJoJo Thu 18-Apr-13 19:09:15

Aaaaawwwww HUGE congratulations Jumping!! Wow what a quick labour! grin Glad to hear everything went well! x

LittleMissJoJo Thu 18-Apr-13 19:16:47

Hiya to the newbies!!! Hope everyone's had a good day?!
Picked up DD's pushchair/carseat today so feeling very excited now! Been a quiet day on the niggles front! No aches or pains at all so quite disappointed after yesterday! sad I know she will be here soon enough its just last few weeks are reallllllyyyy dragging on! sad

Teapig Thu 18-Apr-13 20:16:13

I hear you littlemiss, time is reeaallly dragging now. I dreamt last night that baby arrived and it's made me even more impatient and excited.

seriouscakeeater Thu 18-Apr-13 20:49:51

Hi to all the newbies toooo!! smile
Congratulations jumping!! flowers wow !!! How u feeling? ah so please it sounds a lot better than last time, how is your little dc! Im so emotional today!!

Littlemiss teapig, what do u think on the acupuncture? I might give it a go next week!!

Teapig Mon 22-Apr-13 09:06:17

Hello ladies, just checking in for news? Any more new arrivals to report?

I did two really long walks at the weekend and lots of ball bouncing and it seems to have kicked things off. My waters broke this morning, just been to maternity ward for a check and they confirmed baby is engaged and waters have gone. No other signs of labour yet so induction tomorrow if things don't start naturally beforehand. Here's hoping they do! Right, off to buy some tenner lady...

Hope things start very soon for everyone waiting.

Tinker2013 Mon 22-Apr-13 14:55:02

Hi Ladies
Can I join?
I'm 38 weeks exactly today! Hoping not to go overdue but it's a first baby so expecting to.

Teapig all the very best of luck, hope your LO arrives quickly and safely. Will have to go for many walks next week as it seems to have worked for you!

tasmaniandevilchaser Thu 25-Apr-13 10:53:46

Teapig, hope it's gone well.

I'm shattered and grumpy, poor DD I'm a rubbish mummysad anyone else just not sleeping?

Teapig Thu 25-Apr-13 11:49:58

Hello all, just checking in to say that our darling daughter has arrived grin

Theola Elodie Rose arrived at 12.37am yesterday weighing in at 8lb 9oz. She is divine and we are over the moon.

I got quite obsessed with avoiding induction via drip but in the end that was the way things went. It wasn't too bad and all over in 5 hours. Now that she's here I couldn't care less that I couldn't have a water birth or active labour as I wanted.

I hope lots more new arrivals come along very soon. Good luck to everyone waiting me and my beautiful teapiglet are cheering you on.

tasmaniandevilchaser Thu 25-Apr-13 19:38:23

Aww lovely news! And a quick labour! Congrats

jumpinghoops Thu 25-Apr-13 21:50:46

Congratulations Teapig, your daughter has a beautiful name. To all those still waiting I wanted to wish you all the very best with your births, I agree with Teapig that you don't really care how they get here once they're here- but I hope your births are as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

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