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How long until established labour? Hoping to avoid induction...

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zamhari Thu 11-Apr-13 23:51:05

Hello all!

I am currently at 39+2 with my first and have been having light cramping/several shows over the past couple of weeks. Had my last appointment on Tuesday (39 weeks exactly) and the dr performed a sweep. She said I was already 2cm and my that cervix had completely shortened (not sure if this is the same as fully effaced??). I was expecting a lot of pain from the sweep but everything seemed to be low down so was actually not too bad. She even said she could feel the baby's head with her fingers shock.

Wasn't expecting the sweep to work and, as expected, apart from the usual cramping/discharge there has been no change. I'm booked in for induction at 40+12 (the minimum they offer it for unless there are medical reasons to offer it sooner), though the dr doesn't think I'll make it until then. I don't have any more appointments until the induction so just sitting at home waiting really!

Was wondering what experiences other people have had with this early stage of labour and how long it lasted? I'm not completely against induction, just getting rather uncomfortable at this stage and was maybe hoping for a waterbirth smile.

Oh, and been doing the usual curry/keeping mobile/yoga ball stuff. Kind of put off the whole sex thing after the dr mentioned how low baby's head was so will probably give that a miss...

OneTrickYoni Fri 12-Apr-13 00:03:59

You could always help yourself if sex is off the cards, the hormones might help things along.

A six mile walk got my first labour going.

You have a long way to go until 40+12, if you are 2cm already I wouldn't worry about it, although technically you are not in labour yet as you are not contracting.

The baby will come when he/she is ready and you can always refuse induction and have daily monitoring instead.

By the sounds of it you won't get that far though.

jumpinghoops Fri 12-Apr-13 07:56:23

I'm surprised they've discussed induction with you before you're even overdue!! It is if course impossible to say how different bodies will work but from what shes said things sound v favourable for you. Much, much more favourable than they were when I had sweeps last pregnancy and I went into labour naturally.

As you found the sweep ok can you request another (or maybe more than 1!) before 40+10? I had one at 39+5, have another booked for 40+3 and then allowed another at 40+7 if I need it.

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