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36+5 and DC2 just flipped to breech. Odds of turning back?

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MammaCici Thu 11-Apr-13 19:23:38

This baby has been head down really low for months. It was back to back so I was trying some spinning babies moves and finally felt the big move 3 days ago. I was very pleased and felt much better about the approaching birth.

Unfortunately today I discovered that what I thought was baby's bottom is in fact baby's head just below my ribcage to the right. I was so shocked. It's like a bad joke.

This is DC2 so there should be more room in there for turning. I tell myself that since he/she managed to switch to breech, she/he should manage to flip back.

Has this happened to you? What was the outcome?

They suggested turning baby manually but I've ruled that out. Too risky for my liking.

Seeing midwife again tomorrow and they'll schedule an u/s next week and a section at 39 weeks if baby hasn't turned.

It's very hard to plan for both possible birth styles emotionally. But I guess I'll have to.

CrapBag Thu 11-Apr-13 20:05:06

DS was transverse until 37ish weeks and he just turned. DD was breech, I felt her turn but she then turned back the next day (this was only a couple of weeks from my due date). There is no 'chances' that I can give you as it is just luck. I did all the positions etc and I did have an ECV (and never would again, it wasn't pleasant and it didn't work).

I did have a section because she was breech but they do a scan just before you go to theatre because they can turn at any time, even at the last minute so don't give up hope.

I was gutted as I didn't want an ELCS but actually it was an amazing birth and I actually enjoyed it and the feeling after where I wasn't like a zombie because I had just been through labour.

MammaCici Thu 11-Apr-13 20:38:43

Thanks CrapBag. I just turned down an ELCS yesterday. I was given the choice because I had some problems with my first birth. Although it was good on paper I had an undiagnosed 2nd degree tear that has caused me prolapse issues. My pain was also really badly managed and I hallucinated from G&A. Overall is was really traumatic, even though my notes show nothing unusual. But another vaginal birth was still the best choice for me I thought... Although if I had known yesterday that baby was breech I probably would have chosen ELCS so I could concentrate on preparing for that.
I burst out crying when the midwife said it was the baby's head, not bum I was feeling.

CrapBag Thu 11-Apr-13 20:52:41

I also had a choice of an ELCS second time around due a 3rd degree tear but they told me straight after that I would be offered one next time. I also turned it down but ended up with it anyway.

Baby could still turn but try to get your head around it anyway just in case. I was truely gutted about it but it was a wonderful experience in the end. smile

podgymumma Sat 13-Apr-13 09:04:53

My DS turned from breach at 39 weeks, turned back to breach at 40 and then turned again at 40+14 so there is hope wink

CuppaSarah Sat 13-Apr-13 13:12:38

Have you had a scan to confirm the position yet?
I only ask becuase I was told by 3 midwives DD was breach. Went for the scan, turns out she was never breech, just had a skinny bum.

MammaCici Sat 13-Apr-13 21:16:51

I'm having a scan on Monday. The midwives have said baby was head down all along. But suddenly this week 2 different midwives say he/she is head up now. Coincidentally, I've not needed to get up in the night for the last week. Before that it was once or twice every night. Baby has definitely moved off my bladder. I'll see on Monday what's what. I have an anterior placenta so it may be hard for the midwives to feel. But both midwives are older / senior midwives so they are probably right. The only way to be certain is u/s so I have to just wait. I've been scaring myself reading that babies who are breech have a higher incidence of various problems.
To be honest I am more afraid of delivering an OP baby vaginally than of having a scheduled section for a breech baby.
Thanks for your input ladies.

CrapBag Sun 14-Apr-13 21:02:48

When my ECV failed and the consultant was talking to me about sections, he did say that I could deliver a breech baby naturally, its just that the risks are a little higher. He said a safe delivery with a csection was 98% and a vaginal breech delivery was 96% safe so there isn't alot of difference really. I think the main issue is that many midwives these days don't have experience of a breech vaginal delivery.

Good luck for your scan.

MammaCici Mon 15-Apr-13 13:37:09

Thanks, I'm just back from my u/s. Baby is footling breech. It's also measuring as a large baby (a bit above the "normal" range for dates). Baby also has a slightly larger head proportionally. Vaginally delivering a footling breech with a large head is very risky. Frank breech is more straight forward. With footlings there's an increased risk of cord prolapse/compression and the baby's head getting stuck. I'm definitely not going to try that. DS was average sized with a slightly bigger head proportionally. I was damaged getting his head out but once it was out he flew out instantly. Having heard this baby is probably going to be large I'm terrified of it going through my birth canal even if he/she turns. I know they can be quite off with the predicted size.
I'm feeling so caught up with the birth process I'm not having enough time to think about having a new baby! If it stays breech I'll be holding him/her in a little over a week at the latest. Oh my! Oh my!

ILiveInAPineappleCoveredInSnow Sun 21-Apr-13 10:14:55

My DS was breech, and at 38 weeks, he turned on his own. I felt it, and tbh it was a horrible feeling and quite painful, but it enabled me to try a vaginal birth - still ended up with a CS though!

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