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SPD post natal

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simbaandblue Wed 10-Apr-13 21:59:41

I posted here a couple of weeks ago sharing my birth experience, which was really terrible and left me emotionally low. I received some amazing support from the wonderful ladies of mumsnet. There has been a development, my SPD has got so bad post natal, (9 weeks post birth) that I'm now on crutches for 4 weeks minimum. The physio was amazing but she did explain to me that this could have been prevented! During my labour the midwives put me in stirrups despite me telling them I have SPD. The physio made it clear that I should have been given a c section rather stirrups and certainly instead of the forceps delivery I had to endure. I am so angry that so much of the damage I've experienced could have been prevented and now I'm in agony with a seriously damaged pelvis. My right side is so far forward it making my left side go back and putting pressure on my spine. She's corrected it as best she can for now but I will be going back for more sessions.
I just wanted to post here because not many people in real life can relate or understand just how let down I feel by it all angry
Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

MiaowTheCat Thu 11-Apr-13 09:15:53

I sympathise - I got stirrupped/forceped/spinalled with my first (despite my protestations) and they did NOT handle my legs kindly. Thankfully I escaped with minimal long-term problems - my hips aren't quite right and I don't think ever will be. I flagged down the post-natal physio (they were on the ward most days doing the pelvic floor chat for women with tears - since I was on the ward for weeks with DD1 I figured I may as well take advantage) and they gave me some exercises to do that were more to get my pelvis back to the angle it should be since that's where they figured the bulk of my pain came from (my back had arched ridiculously severely apparently) - which did work in reducing the pain fairly quickly to be honest.

Second birth I had in very large letters on my birth plan about my pelvis and told everyone straight away they met me (didn't get the time to write the birth plan first time) and when I needed to go down for a spinal after the delivery to yank my placenta out (again!) they handled my legs and pelvis like it was made of glass - it was really touching - especially since keeping my legs closer together made life really awkward for them on their little fishing trip!

The reason I freaked out so much with my first when forceps were mentioned was the idea of being left in long-term SPD hell to be honest... I earnt a social services referral for being a resistant patient for my troubles trying to get them to note my pain-free gap and promise to be kind to my pelvis!

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