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Hernia and Abdominal walls

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MerryM Wed 10-Apr-13 13:55:54

Hi all

I have read a previous related article on this with interest almost a year later.
I have had epigastric hernia surgery in 2000 after my 2nd child and it was a disaster as the surgeon(whom I was told was too junior and should not have been allowed to undertake the surgery) messed up. 13 years later and after 3 other children I have 2 hernias' the old one which is bigger and an umbilical hernia. I have an operation scheduled for next week and am weary because I have a huge (four finger gap) in my abdominal wall and understand this alone can make the hernias keep recurring, so repairing the hernias may simply be treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause.
I know the NHS are vague on this as they are keeping an eye on their budget but don't I need to get my abdominal walls repaired as a matter of necessity as against cosmetic as if my hernias reoccur then that would be the 3rd time. I am a size 8/10 and have a flabby tummy(five kids) not big but when I am bloated I look 7 months pregnant.

Can anyone help. What are my options?

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