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Vbac or c-section

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Rico08 Wed 10-Apr-13 11:35:38

I know that nobody can make a decision for me but I just don't know whether to go for vbac or c-section. Sorry for the long post ......
(35 weeks seeing consultant next week)

To try be quick.....

DS is 4. Induced at 38 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. (All ok this time, touch wood)
Failure to progress resulted in Emcs
Did not see son when born, taken to neo natal. 1st time i saw son was photo printed on paper from doctor.
Was stitched a bit squiffy at one end of scar and got infection.
Told by consultant had deep pelvis & due to failure to progress ds was stuck, which made it more difficult. Was also told that would have no choice but to have c-section if had any further children.

Now I've been told I have a choice of vbac or c-section and it's thrown me I don't know what to do. I don't want to be left as long as I was with ds before they decide I need section, but I know there are risks with CS. I did recover from infection & cs quite quickly. I found it difficult for a long time after that I did not see ds for about 10 hours after he was born.

I have done a pro/con list for both but I still cannot decide. DH says CS (so not left as long) I have been told I would be more closely monitored with vbac but I suppose this depends on staff availability etc.

Sorry for long post but would like to hear your experiences.

atrcts Wed 10-Apr-13 13:02:17

I wonder why you were told by a consultant that you have a 'deep pelvis' and therefore have to have a C section, only to then be offered a VBAC?

It also isn't clear to me why your son was taken away after giving birth. Was he distressed due to the failure to progress, or did he have breathing problems due to the C section? Obviously you don't need to answer that as it's none of my business, but I would think that knowing the reason why he was taken away could help you to decide which route you want to avoid this time round.

I am biased towards a C section. The reason is that in my first I had forceps damage and I'm going to have a C section with this pregnancy to avoid any further damage. I have a sister he gave birth twice naturally and twice via c section and swears that a C section is much much better recovery wise!

Having said that, you might be offered something like labouring for four hours and then reviewing the situation with a view to possibly having an emergency C section if it looks like you are going down the same road as you did the first time. Of course that is risky because you could end up in the same position as you were before (stuck!) or only 2 cm dilated after four hours! Either way there is no guarantee unfortunately. It would be lovely if there was.

I do wish you the best in your decision though, I know it's not easy. A lot of people are offered both and struggle to decide, but it will become clear to you. smile

atrcts Wed 10-Apr-13 13:04:48

Ps - even though I've suggested the possibility of trying a vaginal birth first, I personally wouldn't do that either! The reason is that if it fails then you have normal labour as well as a C section to recover from. They are both hard work on the body and I personally would only want one or the other to recover from!

Fragglewump Wed 10-Apr-13 13:06:34

I went for a vbac after a c section as I couldn't bear being stuck in being unable to drive for 6 weeks with a toddler and newborn!!!! It was great. I feel privileged to have delivered both ways. I much preferred the natural delivery but you just have to go with your heart! Good luck

Rico08 Wed 10-Apr-13 14:30:53

Thank you both.

If only they "popped out" as my son says smile he keeps asking when the baby will pop out or if its popped out (sounds like a bar of soap in wet hands!)

Ds was taken away as he was distressed.

I have asked why I was told that it would be a cs and now been offered an option and was told that there is no reason why I cannot try vbac this is why I'm so confused.

I've seen 3 different people under my consultant, one said vbac and no CS, the other 2 said it's my choice! If they hadn't give me a choice I would have been fine.

I have talked to my midwife too who said my biggest risk from cs is infection but this could happen whether it was elective or emergency.

I think I will do the pro's & cons list again and insist I have a more thorough discussion at the hospital next week.

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