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Lazy Daisy Birthing

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Nshek Wed 22-Jan-14 19:03:09


Nshek Wed 22-Jan-14 19:01:43

Just noticed that you mentioned that you bought the lazy daisy cd ? Do u still have it? Wondered if you would consider selling it? They are charging £10 for one and after attending the classes I didn't get one with the sessions.

Thanks for ur time

Nat (38 weeks)

LazyDaisyFarnham Thu 11-Apr-13 21:33:26

There is not much I can add that has not been said but I too am so sorry that you feel this way. I am a DB mentor and I had 2 c-sections. In my classes I try to bring in mention of how to use the techniques in any situation. I would never say I know how you feel but I do remember feeling negative after my 2nd birth and then intensely guilty about feeling sad at such an amazing time. Thanks to training with Lazy Daisy I now completely realise the only thing that mattered was my babies. I really hope that in time you will recognise how much you achieved in carrying and birthing your baby, whatever the method. X

BBBCo Thu 11-Apr-13 20:53:20

I'm really sorry you feel you failed, women feeling like this was one if the main reasons I trained as an antenatal teacher and with lazy daisy! As lees said no woman should ever feel like that! I make a real point in my classes that birth is unknown and unpredictable, we can be as prepared as possible but sometimes mother nature makes "natural" birth impossible, and it's about having a positive journey and understanding what's happening and why!

I do post birth announcements but post all regardless of how they went, I have had ladies use techniques with both "natural" birth and others that have either had CS or intervention!

I am passionate that no woman should feel like she had failed as she had intervention, That is just so sad!! Parenthood is hard enough without starting off with such sad negative thoughts brought on by someone who is supposed to help...

LeeB Thu 11-Apr-13 20:40:54

Hi Dylanlovesbaez

I'm really sorry to hear that you feel like this - no mother should feel that they have failed however you gave birth. And it's important that you've shared your experience as DessieLou was asking for opinions so don't apologise.

I obviously can't comment on your individual teacher but I can say that Daisy Birthing is supportive of all birth journeys. I have had a few ladies in my class who have known that they have to have a c-section beforehand but still found the class helpful for the breathing and relaxation.

I have also had ladies who, whilst they'd have liked a vaginal birth with no interventions, ended up with forceps, ventouse or emergency c-sections, but still found the techniques useful to stay calm and relaxed. I always include these birth stories on my website as I want ladies to know that with the best will in the world, at the end of the day Mother Nature is in ultimate charge of our labour and birth and all we can do is try to be as prepared as we can be.

We do encourage positive thinking and confidence in our bodies ability to birth our babies and yes, many of us also give ladies information on their rights in labour as many aren't aware that they can decline examinations or interventions or ask to wait a bit longer before going down the route of induction, forceps etc, but I personally also reiterate that if the situation means that baby or mum are in danger, or you have tried everything possible to birth baby naturally, then they should trust in the medical professionals to do what is necessary and that no outcome is ever a failure.

Please please realise that you are every bit a woman, and a bloody amazing one at that - just look at your son or daughter to remind you every day.

Lee xxx

Dylanlovesbaez Thu 11-Apr-13 19:41:01

Sorry to be negative here but wanted to share my experience.
I did 2 blocks of daisy birthing, I really enjoyed it and it helped me to relax and not fear birth. However, I felt awful and like a failure after the birth because of the fact that we were constantly told we can refuse intervention, you don't need intervention, you can breathe your baby out into your arms etc. well I couldn't breathe my baby out, I did NEED intervention but I'm still getting over this sense of failure. I put any ideas of intervention out of my head during pregnancy, believing I would'nt need it, this was a mistake. It felt as thought if you didn't have the perfect natural birth than you were less of a woman. I couldn't bare to see the teachers birth announcements on Facebook afterwards, congratulating all the amazing women who gave birth without help. I felt and still feel like less of a woman. It's not solely down to daisy birthing but the very strong opinions of the teacher did not help.

DessieLou Thu 11-Apr-13 19:30:56

Thanks LizLazyDaisyMidsussex! Catchy name btw. grin
I looked into hypnobirth training but as you say LD has a wider appeal and includes all the aspects I feel are important.
I have emailed Lazy Daisy so hopefully I'll hear back soon with the training details. I'm a little concerned about start up costs but it's very exciting to find something I feel so passionate about so hopefully I won't have to wait too long before I can start. smile

LizLazyDaisyMidSussex Thu 11-Apr-13 16:05:43

Hi DessieLou,

I am a hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Teacher, Lazy Daisy Teacher (now), and an in-training Doula!

With my first pregnancy I went to pregnancy yoga classes. Which I loved. I had a great birth at home.

I went to train in HypnoBirthing a coupe if years later, and whilst on the course said to the lady next to me "I'd love to try this out for real!". And about 11 months later, I did!!! A sublime birth this time!

When I found Lazy Daisy, it really appealed to me because it had the positive approach to birth that I believe is so important, it incorporates yoga which is great in preparation for birth, but incredibly valuable during pregnancy too. Plus active birthing techniques. Plus hypnotic scripts and deep relaxation. It includes so much. And at such an accessible price to mums-to-be.

I still love HB, but realise it's not for everyone! Whereas this has a wider appeal!

I love the teachers I've met during and after training. We create a very supportive network for each other.

I love teaching classes (birthing, and baby), and do as much as I can, expanding all the time, as my youngest picks up more Pre-school sessions!!!

I really recommend it if you're passionate about "normalising" birth. I have yet to make a fortune, but believe my bundle will bring in a respectable wage once everything's established!

Good luck smile x

StyleManual Thu 11-Apr-13 10:43:26

I did the Lazy Daisy classes and only have positive things to say about it. I used the techniques and the CD and had a positive birth experience. It wasn't quick or easy, but it was positive. Can't recommend it highly enough!

DessieLou Thu 11-Apr-13 00:26:01

Thank you so much for your replies! It's really great to hear how well it's working out for you all. I have a four month old dd and had such an amazing birth at home in a pool using hypnobirthing. I'd almost go so far as to say I enjoyed it! I feel really strongly that every woman should/could have a similarly positive experience. Not necessarily a home birth, all types of birthing should be positive as opposed to traumatic. Anyway, I'm preaching to the converted here!
I will check out your fb page neenz and may well message BBBco , LeeB & Daisysevenoaks over the next day or so.
It's great to hear from both teachers and those taking part so thanks again for taking the time to reply. smile

mamalovebird Wed 10-Apr-13 22:02:56

I'm NOT a daisy teacher but I have been going to a class for 4 weeks in preparation for dc2 due in 9 weeks. I have to say, I am getting a lot out of it. My first birth was very traumatic and I swore I wanted to be more informed this time round. I wish I'd known about LD the first time round. I did nct and you get a few hours of breathing and a bit of role play, which you completely forget by the time d-day arrives (I found nct just a glorified introductions service). Doing the classes every week has kept it in my mind and I practise the movements most evenings.
In my class of seven women, five are second time mums with similar stories.
I'd recommend doing a course. It's only 6 weeks so its no big deal if you decide against it, but I personally think its the best ante natal course going.

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Apr-13 21:53:42

Glad it's working for lots of people - as I said, I think it was the woman who delivered mine rather than the course itself. Looking at the names / locations it was none of you lovely mumsnetters smile

LeeB Wed 10-Apr-13 21:48:55

Otherwise it would be pointless teaching. You can see some comments here

As the others have said I'm happy to chat if you want to.

Lee x

LeeB Wed 10-Apr-13 21:44:28

Sorry ...

But not being someone to jump in feet first without caution I did my research, was able to talk to any of the existing teachers for their views etc before I went for it.

I've been teaching for 16 months now and have recently added Daisy Baby to my Daisy Birthing classes. I can honestly say I've has nothing but great feedback from my ladies which is important to me as

Neenz Wed 10-Apr-13 21:42:18

Neenz Wed 10-Apr-13 21:41:15

I am a daisy teacher as well, I am also a doula and breastfeeding support worker so if you are passionate about normal birth and helping women feel empowered about birth then this is the job for you.

I get such a buzz from teaching and also from hearing the birth stories. My FB page is if you want to check out some of the comments from the women in my class.

It is hard work, don't expect to make a fortune, not even the owner of lazy daisy will tell you'll make a fortune! But you can easily make some good money for the actually time you spend teaching. I have made back my training costs and more in the first year.

I would recommend it. Pm if you want to.

LeeB Wed 10-Apr-13 21:40:36

Not to bombard you but I'm also a LD teacher. I left a 12 year career in marketing to find something that would fit around my boys. I love pregnancy and birth (my own and other people's!) and when I came across Daisy it sounded exactly like something I would love doing. But n

DaisySevenoaks Wed 10-Apr-13 21:27:51

Hi dessielou

When I was pregnant I took Daisy Birthing classes and loved every single one! They were soooo relaxing and really helped to ease my nerves about childbirth. 6 years on I now teach Daisy Birthing smile. It is a lovely job to do and for me its perfect as it fits around my boys. I have been with them all through the Easter hols and not had to worry about childcare because I teach in the evenings after dp has come home and the boys are in bed.

There is hard work involved, both the study side and the business side but for me its been so rewarding and the feedback I get from ladies who come to classes makes my day!!

Good luck and if you want to PM me feel free

LazyDaisyFarnham Wed 10-Apr-13 21:08:14

I am a Daisy mentor and have been for a year. I teach both the birthing classes and workshops, as well as the baby classes. It's an amazing job, i have met some wonderful people through the training and the sessions that I take. I am sorry to hear that someone had a bad experience, but I have had some lovely feedback, which always makes me feel that this is a worthwhile job. Be prepared for some hard work on the business front and I had to fit in all of the study and coursework around my 2 babies, but it has been worth it. Helen

BBBCo Wed 10-Apr-13 20:54:02


I am a daisy teacher and have been for nearly 3yrs, I teach the antenatal and baby classes, and last year opened my own studio and cafe to run them from!

I have also taken on a teacher to help (although she is off of maternity leave shortly lol!)

I love teaching and we have wonderful feedback on the classes, happy for you to email me if you would like more info :0)

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Apr-13 20:52:14

I didn't go to the classes but did the lazy daisy birth preparation with partner course and it was complete twaddle!

In fairness I think that was the woman who ran our course - she read all the notes off an A4 sheet which gave the impression she didn't know what she was talking about and was very anti breast feeding which I found a very weird agenda to push.

My friend who I went to pregnancy yoga with also went and she also disliked it intensely.

I was really disappointed as I loved the sound of it but the reality was terrible sad

DessieLou Wed 10-Apr-13 02:02:06

Does anyone have experience with Lazy Daising Birthing classes? I'm thinking of training with them to be a Birth Mentor and wondered if they're as great as they sound?
What exactly do the classes involve? I want to make sure I'd be teaching the kind of things I believe in.
Thanks in advance. smile

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