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Brace myself for another induction?

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goddessturnedfrump Tue 09-Apr-13 14:13:36

I'm 36+2 (so still early days) but baby is free, floating around however he is still head down. This is my third baby, and the third time I have planned a home birth.
My first I was induced using hormone drip (after 3 failed attempts with gel) at 40+12. 5 hours later 3-4cm, water's broken by midwife, DS born 1 hour 45 minutes later. No medical reason for induction, just due to being past my dates. This was 2010.
Second, I was induced at 40+9 due to reduced fetal movements. No gel/drip, was already 3cm (no idea, no pain) so midwife broke water's. Again, 1 hour 45 minutes later DD was born. This was 2012.

My question is, has anyone been induced twice or more and then managed to go into labour naturally? Also, can you go into labour naturally if baby isn't engaged? Both previous have been engaged from 32 weeks. I just really want a home birth, this is my last baby and will be devastated if I don't at least get to try. Please somebody give me some good news lol x

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 09-Apr-13 16:25:42

Oh yes. My babies never engage.

On the Thurs at 5o'clock baby's head was 'free' and cervix nowhere to be seen.

8 hours later I was in labour and 4 hours later in active labour and then 2 hours of that to the birth at home in pool.

AMR73 Thu 11-Apr-13 00:57:05

Have you considered trying some of the things which are said to help things along? (e.g walking, drinking raspberry tea, relaxation, birthing ball). Hope your wishes are granted.

Smudging Thu 11-Apr-13 01:08:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carrielou2007 Thu 11-Apr-13 06:45:46

I'm 39+2 convinced will have third induction confused tried everything with both dc nothing worked I needed pessaries and drip to get my babies out confused. My midwife said it's virtually unheard of to need z third induction yet had a failed sweep yesterday so booked again for 41 weeks. You have my sympathies!!

goddessturnedfrump Thu 11-Apr-13 09:07:25

Well luckily it seems to be the season for pineapple's in Asda at the minute so I'm stocking up. I've been taking raspberry leaf and evening primrose capsules, bouncing on my ball every evening and staying upright as much as I can. It's my last shift at work today, so from tomorrow I'll be taking the kids for long walks (poor DS will hate me by Monday). The only thing not appealing to me atm is DTD, although my DP would be over the moon. Maybe come Sunday when I'm 37 weeks I'll try that (just maybe..).

carrielou2007 how did you manage to get a sweep earlier? I was thinking of attempting to get one earlier as where I am they won't do them before 41 weeks unless it's first baby. Not that they ever work for me but worth a try! It's virtually unheard of to need three induction's? Maybe we'll be the one's to prove it does happen haha. I'm that convinced I won't have a home birth, that even if I do go into labour naturally I think I'll have to be in absolute agony, feeling ready to die before I'll be convinced it's happening - as strange as that sounds!

carrielou2007 Thu 11-Apr-13 11:16:35

I had a scan at 37 weeks (he was breech) but thankfully he'd turned. I have problem with my eye and had been seeing consultant re c section or planned induction at term only for her to then refuse the induction as she's thought I was already 40 not 40 in a few weeks. I literally crumpled partly with relief at no longer being breech/worry if runs for other dc so she agreed to a sweep. Now just very fed up as yesterday told as I would be dye I suction I er bank holiday weekend they would leave if until the tue by which time I may have imploded <slight exaggeration I know but get I'm pregnant I'm not thinking rationally!>

KBwan Thu 11-Apr-13 14:34:30

Hi Goddess (I'm ignoring the 'turnedfrump' bit).

A little bit of anecdotal hope for you...

Induced with DD1 40+11
Induced with DD2 40+11
Due to be induced with DS1 40+12, but on examination that morning was already 5cm dilated (I'd only felt BH type contractions), and the baby was very low against the waters so MW said she couldn't break them. He was born that afternoon (sort of went into proper labour by 1pm and he was born at 3.55pm). Still can't believe I wasn't induced.

It's worth trying everything (except maybe castor oil), like Smudging says - then you'll know you've given it your best shot.

Good luck!

DangerMousey Fri 12-Apr-13 09:51:10

Can't help on the mulitple inductions side of things but just wanted to reassure you re: the head not engaged issue. DS1's head did not engage at all in the pregnancy. At 40+3 I had a very unfavourable sweep and the MW told me my cervix was posterior and the head was not engaged at all.

I was really worried about this, but the wonderfully old-school midwife just said, oh don't worry, a couple of nice strong contractions will squeeze that head right down.....and they did! DS1 born at 41 weeks exactly, spontaneous labour, 12 hours start to finish :-)

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