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MLDS at the Portland?

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Haughtyculture Mon 08-Apr-13 17:16:37

Has anyone had any recent experiences of this?

The NHS care in my area is very shoddy, and we'd like DC4 but if we do I'd like to go for private care. I've had 3 uncomplicated pregnancies and births before so all being well would love to go for the MLDS.

The only thing is I'm about an hour from central London but I'm guessing this wouldn't be a huge problem? Would they induce me at term as I live a reasonable distance away?

Thanks all!

fgr Tue 09-Apr-13 08:24:50

I had consultant care myself but have 3 friends who delivered with MLD at the Portland and lived out in the Home Counties so that is not a problem. 2 of them did just what you want and had a social induction but it will only be performed if you have a high enough bishops score which seems fair enough! Every midwife I came across at the Portland was just lovely and you will see the head of midwifery when you book in whoever delivers so she might be the one to talk to.

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