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Linea negra - how long did yours take to go away?

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marsup Sat 24-Jan-04 17:40:10

DS is 4 weeks now and my linea negra is still just as dark, and very long. Do you think this means that I am still awash with pregnancy hormones? Did other mumsnetters eventually lose theirs?

hana Sat 24-Jan-04 18:06:46

god, I think I had mine for months and months after she was born. Remember being really paranoid and worried, but it did go away but can't remember when sorry! Shes 2.4 now......

zebra Sat 24-Jan-04 18:19:44

Didn't lose mine at all between Baby_1 and Baby_2 (23 month age gap). It's faded since and hasn't come back yet (4 months pg).

sashaboo Sat 24-Jan-04 18:29:26

Mine was a real black marker one. Disappeared after 9 (?) months I think and hasn't returned with this pregnancy (36 weeks).

emmatmg Sat 24-Jan-04 18:39:43

Well, DS3 is 4 months and I *think* I can still see's hidden amongst my stretchies or not the most visible sign of PG that's still there

twiglett Sat 24-Jan-04 19:05:53

message withdrawn

Chandra Sat 24-Jan-04 19:24:46

I really don't know. Until I saw your thread I remembered to check it, it was there when I went to the hospital but is no longer there (DS is 11m now). I have not a clue when it went away... however I can tell you about when my memory did

marlou Sat 24-Jan-04 20:06:46

I didn't have one at all during my pregnancy! Nor the sticky out belly button!!! Have got plenty of stretch marks though to compensate!!!

fisil Sat 24-Jan-04 20:08:28

Didn't get one either. Or many stretch marks until the last few weeks. Feel like I've been cheated.

marlou Sat 24-Jan-04 20:20:37

I thought I had got away with not having stretch marks as well, and then in the week before I delivered my stomach suddenly resembled a road map!

magnum Sat 24-Jan-04 20:22:11

still got my fetching brown line and dd is 7 months! Got one when I was pg with ds. I was only 16 at the time and thought it must be dirt or something!! scrubbed my belly until it was red but couldn't shift it

BekkiKay Sat 24-Jan-04 20:36:04

Both of mine disappeared straight after the birth.

popsycal Sat 24-Jan-04 20:37:08

zebra - didnt know you were preg!!!

pie Sat 24-Jan-04 20:39:22

I noticed that too popsie and have been sitting here for ages waiting for zebra to come back!

marsup Sun 25-Jan-04 13:46:28

Someone told me a theory that if you are dark you get a strong linea negra and fewer stretch marks, fair the opposite. This fits my case - no stretch marks and big black line! does it work for you?

Lou33 Sun 25-Jan-04 13:53:56

I'm really pale skinned, had no stretch marks, and although I had a really dark linea nigra for the first 2, I didn't get one for the second two!

BekkiKay Sun 25-Jan-04 13:56:10

I think shes run off Pie.
I'm not sure whether she feels comfortable discussing it with us mumsnutters.

lydialemon Mon 26-Jan-04 13:32:08

Still got mine - DD is 12 weeks, but DD has one as that because I'm BFing?

Chas27 Mon 26-Jan-04 13:39:43

6 months

Beccarollover Mon 26-Jan-04 21:10:28

I didnt get one either time!

squirmyworm Mon 26-Jan-04 21:15:35

still got mine (14 weeks on)- once I'd manhandled my floppy little tum to have a look. AND it's got a weird kink in it...hmm

WSM Mon 26-Jan-04 21:34:49

I didn't get one with DD but my Mum still has hers form her pregnancy with me 22 years ago !

Blu Tue 27-Jan-04 10:46:02

I had a really strong one; it looked ridiculous as it went all the way round my belly button like a ring road. It went after about 3 months, I think.

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