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Bowel movements after childbirth...

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orangebuccaneer Sat 30-Mar-13 12:58:23

DC2 is 5wks old: straightforward vaginal delivery, no instruments, one small tear. Baby was 8lb 5oz so decent size but not huge.

Am EBF and baby feeds a lot.

Bowel movements are irregular (maybe every other day) and, when they do happen, are very urgent (like - I need the toilet NOW!) and, ahem, big. Have quite bad (smelly) gas on the days I don't have a clean out and often feel 'full' but not like I need to poo if that makes sense.

My diet is full of fruit and veg, so I don't need any more fibre, and I drink lots and lots of water. I'm also very active, something else I've heard affects BMs. So I'm assuming this is hormonal/from being pregnant or giving birth.

Anything I can do? How long until this resolves? Together with my still-slightly-pregnant-looking-tummy it makes me feel really bloaty and yuck.

BabyStone Sat 30-Mar-13 13:56:33

Hi,I haven't got any personal experience of this but I would mention it to your health visitor (if you havent already). Or call your community midwife/birth center

I hope they can help smile

MammaCici Wed 03-Apr-13 09:33:55

I know you say you don't need any more fibre. I too eat lots of fruit and veggies and I was having v bad swings from diarrhoea to constipation during my pregnancy until at 20 weeks I started a fibre supplement (Ispaghula husk). I'm currently in week 36 with DC2 and my bowels have been better than prepregnancy since adding the supplement.
A word of warning also, your pelvic floor area is trying to heal at the moment and straining could do you more damage. I discovered I had a rectocele prolapse about 18 months postpartum. I sure wish I hadn't been straining on the loo so frequently. Definitely speak to your doctor or health care provider about your own situation and get it resolved sooner rather than later. Perhaps they can recommend some other stool softener or something.

orangebuccaneer Thu 04-Apr-13 11:48:47

Thanks! I have my 6wk check-up soon so will ask about the supplement. And will avoid the straining: just so frustrating...

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