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Fully engaged 38 weeks

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sniff Wed 10-May-06 08:21:34

I am fully engaged 37 + no head above pelvis at all and its my third baby I know its a funny question but does anyone have any experience that it might mean birth might be soon I need to get grandparents up from birmingham to have the kids as dh is away !! or can this happen and I could still go overdue

thanks in advance for opinions

Uwila Wed 10-May-06 09:10:47

Sniff, I think it could go either way. It might be a good idea to phone grandparents and make them aware of the situation. But probably not time to run off to the hospital. But, I don't think this is a sure sign labour is in a matter of hours or days.

When is your next midwife appointment? You might ask them to check if your cervix ir ripe/effaced/dialated.

Uwila Wed 10-May-06 14:21:05

I can't believe no one else has posted here. Bumping for you.

tangerinecath Wed 10-May-06 15:04:31

Hi sniff, when I was expecting dd (so far my only one) I was fully engaged by 37 weeks but she wasn't born until 4 days after her due date.

TBH I'm not sure whether a 3rd one would be any different but hopefully this will help reassure you that it doesn't necessarily mean you'll give birth in the next few days.

Good luck

leylabez Sun 04-Jun-06 13:43:25

i also think io am fully engaged and i am 38 weeks. its also my third baby so we r in the same boat i guess, i've had backache all day and i also had a huge burst of energy, so i cleaned my whole house totally spotless. i hope we give birth soon, my kids are 3, and 1, and they were both born 2-3 weeks before thir due date, the midwife said that there is 30% chanse that this one would arrive early too, so hopefully she's right... hope we'll find out soon enough!

edam Sun 04-Jun-06 13:50:15

I was fully engaged at 37 weeks and ds was a week late. Sorry!

mears Sun 04-Jun-06 13:50:44

It is unusual for the head to be completely engaged before labour. To be honest I wouldn't make plans on it as it could be that the person who said you were fully engaged is mistaken!

Xavielli Sun 04-Jun-06 18:17:09

with 2nd and subsequent babies it is supposed to be unusual for the head to engage before labour is iminant(sp?) however, mybaby no2 engaged at 36weeks and wasnt born until 39.

Xavielli Sun 04-Jun-06 18:19:34

Also, they decide whether you are engaged by how much of th head they can feel above the pubic bone, both my babies have been small so it may just have been that as the head was small it was far enough down that they couldn't feel it yet still not far enough to actually engage.

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