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eight weeks post episiotomy... (tmi warning!)

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ginny84 Thu 28-Mar-13 20:43:00

and I'm not sure if how I am feeling/ looking is normal.

A bit of background: I gave birth to my son just over eight weeks ago, he was a big baby, I'm quite small, was pushing for nearly two hours and he wasn't coming. So I ended up with forceps and an episitomy. I was told it would either be forceps or ventouse depending on what the doctor thought would be most successful. I was then told they were going for forceps. I don't remember being asked if this was ok (and neither does my partner). I didn't know anything about the episitomy they performed until afterwards when I was told that they had done it. I feel quite angry about this but that could be an issue for a whole other thread.

To start with I didn't heal well, I was told my stitches were coming apart. I have since had four doses of antibiotics for potential infection and been referred to consultant at hospital who I have seen twice. The second time she cut away some scar tissue after giving me a general anesthetic which she said should help me to heal (this was two weeks ago).

I still feel in a fair bit of pain, particularly if I walk anywhere for longer than around half an hour. I have throbbing pain in the area around the scar and at times it stings. I plucked up the courage to look for the first time earlier this week, it looks to me like the cut has not come together and instead is healing with a gap between. Although I'm not entirely sure what is normal? I'm starting to feel a bit down about it all now.

Anyone been in a similar situation in the past? Should I be feeling better by now or am I perhaps doing too much (going to the shops for an hour/ general housework, cooking etc)? Considering giving the consultants secretary a call to try and get an earlier appointment (not going again till end of April) to hopefully get some of my questions answered.

Thank you if you have managed to read this far!

chocolatetester1 Thu 28-Mar-13 20:56:05

My first birth experience was uncannily similar to yours, forceps, no knowledge of the cut, stitches coming apart, infection etc.
I'm sorry not to have any decent answers but I think you should push and push for help. Maybe check out the NICE guidelines to see what action they recommend?
Good luck.

herethereandeverywhere Thu 28-Mar-13 21:50:49

I had a similar experience to you.The medical profession refer to it as the episiotomy 'breaking down'. I didn't get infection or have any remedial procedure but I did have to wait for scar tissue to grow into the gaping wound. It is horribly painful, not helped by the amount of time you have to sit on it/go to the toilet adjacent to it etc.! I definitely took my full dose of diclofenac and paracetamol for 6 weeks and couldn't bear the break-through pain waiting for the next dose. I was almost healed at 8 weeks - the pain had substantially dulled by then but if I'm honest has never gone completely - worse at time of the month. I've been told this is normal due to the scar tissue (weirdly never told about this being 'normal' BEFORE the procedure!)

Anyway, if you can bear the hard waiting room seats and disinterested GP I'd advise to go back to the Dr, even if it's to get more painkillers and a check that the infection's cleared. Sorry you've had such a rough time of it.

goodbyekitty123 Fri 29-Mar-13 08:00:15

If I were you I'd definitely see my GP. I had a bad tear when I had DS 4 years ago and over the years I've often felt an ache where I was stitched up. Now I am pregnant again and the same ache is there most of the time (sometimes I can't walk it's that bad). I was told that it shouldn't hurt at all and to get checked when I'm in labour as sometimes the scar tissue is too tight and so causes pain. I wish I'd been a bit more persistent before (was only checked once to see that my stitches were healing) but I thought it was normal to always get a bit of pain in that area. Go get it checked and good luck!

AliceWChild Fri 29-Mar-13 19:59:38

Very similar tale. Mine has just started to feel better. I'm afraid it's taken 5 months. I remember feeling terrified that it would never go but I've really felt an improvement in last couple of weeks.

I had lots of visits to GP and referred to a special clinic for it. Couple of appts with consultant and I'm now seeing a specialist physio. I buried my head for a bit as wanted to just ignore it and hope it went away, but it didn't. It's worth persisting as there's help out there.

At 8 weeks I think I was permanently on painkillers still.

The filling in of the gaping bit is normal if stitches fall out. My mw called it healing by 2nd intention which google brings up stuff about.

Good luck with it.

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