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Monitoring of labour after VBAC

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PopsyWind Wed 27-Mar-13 19:31:23

Just wondering if anyone had experience of this and could advise, I've only just got BFP and already fretting!

Basically I had an emLSCS with my first then a forceps VB with my second. Does this mean I can have a 'normal' labour for third?

I know its important for VBAC, but I found the continuous monitoring/lying down awful and would love to have more natural eg water birth this time....

emsyj Mon 01-Apr-13 22:09:01

I didn't have continuous monitoring for my recent VBAC - and a friend of mine refused it too, she discussed with her consultant and put it in her birth plan. It was all agreed and sorted in advance. You can say no to it AFAIK. Speak to your midwife and/or consultant if you're consultant-led and say you don't want continuous monitoring.

I was refused a water birth in hospital as a VBAC-er, but midwifery services are a bit unusual round here in that we have an alternative NHS funded system that you can opt into called One to One Midwives. I used this service and was encouraged to have a home water birth. In the end I didn't use the pool but had a home birth with intermittent monitoring with the doppler.

Does that help at all?? confused

BuntyCollocks Thu 04-Apr-13 14:08:44

emsy you must be in my neck of the woods. I used one to one for my recent vbac, and got a wbac agreed at arrowe park. Madam made too swift an arrival though!

emsyj Thu 04-Apr-13 22:03:45

OOh yes, you must be close by Bunty! grin

I think I could have insisted on a water birth if I had opted for consultant-led care and agreed it in advance - but I went for midwife led care and had no consultant contact and then was told when the midwife called the labour ward to say we were coming in that I couldn't get in the water unless I had consultant approval - by which time it was, of course, too late to get it.

Hence I didn't bother going in to hospital at all!!

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