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So what actually happens??

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babybythesea Tue 26-Mar-13 19:26:13

I am 36 weeks pg with my second so yes, I know I should probably know this time round and/or by now, but I don't.

I was overseas when I had dd, and she was induced, so there was no stressed rush into hospital - we went in, I was given the drugs, four hours later I was in labour and immediately taken to a delivery room where DH stayed with me for the entire 8 hour (I know, fast!) labour until dd showed up.

This time round, I have been told for various reasons that they don't want me going overdue so if we hit the due date there won't be a stressed hospital dash once again. However, if I go into labour naturally they want me in hospital as soon as possible as I have Group B strep and they want me on a drip, which I'm fine with.

My big worry is what happens when I get down there. Am I likely to be put in a delivery room again, or am I going to be sent to a ward? Is DH going to be allowed to stay (my best friend had her DH sent home to get some rest and she ended up labouring on her own overnight in a ward full of other women with their new babies, not even wanting to get up to get a drink in case she disturbed people). The idea of labouring in a room full of people, especially if I'm attached to a drip and have limited room, without DH is quite frankly terrifying. I've asked the midwife about several things connected to the birth and all I get is 'second babies are usually easier than the first - it'll be fine.' Right. But I still want to know because feeling prepared is important for me to start relaxing about it.

So in terms of where you went, and who stayed with you and for how long - what happened to you?

eggsaplenty Tue 26-Mar-13 20:02:05

it is still scary isnt it when u r going to have your second!!

my first birth was alot worse than my first -

16 hours
rushed to hospital as babys heartbeat dropping
dh was there for all of the birth slept in a chair overnite then the next nite had to go at 8pm
i was on a ward with others hope this helps
had a button which i could press for any help

2nd birth -

8 hours
had in birthing centre all fine
dh present for birth went 8pm at nite had her at 1pm in the afternoon
he arrived 9am the next day
was on a ward with others
was a button i could press for anything i might need help with

maxpower Tue 26-Mar-13 20:09:15

I take it you're in the UK this time? Contact the pals service for the hospital you'll be going to and ask them for the contact details of the matron in charge of maternity and put all your questions to them. Good luck with the delivery.

babybythesea Tue 26-Mar-13 20:33:29

Yes - in the UK this time.

We wanted a birthing centre but the one we would have gone to won't do it now because of the group b strep diagnosis, so we have to go to the hospital.

I don't mind DH having to go home at night once the baby is here - he had to do that where we were before. Dd was born at 4.30 am. He stayed with us until about 10.00 and then popped home for a bit, had a shower and some food and a sleep, came back around 1.00/2.00 in the afternoon, and then went home for the night about 8.30ish I think. It's more that I am frightened he'll be sent away when I'm in labour.

Thanks for the tip about the pals service -will have a look. I've googled the hospital itself, and the maternity services, but it isn't that informative. I've also asked a couple of people who have had babies there but they are all people who had straightforward births - went in as late as possible, had the baby within a few hours of arriving, and came home again as fast as possible. The fact I know I've got to do most of my labour there while hooked up to a drip changes things for me slightly.

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