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If you had natural birth and an elc....

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BusyBee86 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:24:43

Which one did you prefer and which would you recommend?
Especially if you had a 2nd degree tear and a pph.

I am trying to weigh up the pros and cons of both an elc or another possible birth same as first time.

I have follow up appointment with consultant soon and need to decide by then which I would like. Such a difficult decision. Oh I so have a nearly 3year old so need to think of recovery too. I am lucky that I will have lots of help after.

BusyBee86 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:25:35

*also have!

sweetiepie1979 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:26:46

Ok firstly what's a pph? And is elc elect Caesarian?

BusyBee86 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:34:27

Sorry, postpartum haemorrhage(blood loss) and yes and elective section. smile

MiniTheMinx Mon 25-Mar-13 09:38:26

First was NC, 2nd was a planned section. The first was horrendous, so much so I never planned to have any more children. DC2 was unplanned. The section was by far the better experience for me. The recovery was just as quick and I didn't suffer PND. Good luck whatever you decide.

DogsDontDoBallet Mon 25-Mar-13 09:39:51

I am having an ELCs next week (eeek) after a 3rd degree tear and pph last time. I also have a three year old at home.

Obviously can't tell you what I thought about the CS yet but my reasons for choosing the ELCS were:

- no real reason for tear last time so nothing that I could change or do "better" this time.
- last time was quick so I was scared that I would not make it to the hospital in time and therefore wouldn't get any help in avoiding/controlling another tear.
- don't wont any more children so only one CS
- no real problems following the tear but I'm not willing to risk problems after this birth or later in life.
- last time was terrifying so hoping to have a nice calm time of it this time.

I don't know if I've made the right decision and I'm scared that I will regret the ELCs but we will see. One thing that also helped me make up my mind was that the consultant didn't try to talk me out of a CS at all and they seemed very pro the idea. This made me think that in my situation she would be doing the same thing.

issimma Mon 25-Mar-13 09:49:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetiepie1979 Mon 25-Mar-13 11:21:07

Well invitation case sorry i haven't got the experience, it seems to me the other peeps say elc.

MyDarlingClementine Mon 25-Mar-13 13:55:11

1st birth OK no major physical trauma, just mental, BUT body felt really battered for long time after, aching back, weak pelvic floor inspite of excersise. I thougt about the birth often afterwards and felt like I had been through a dreadful ordeal.

2nd time, had an elective and I harldy think of it at all now! I was scared going into theatre, but i dont think of it now whereas always thinking of the different stages in first birth.

Anyway, recovery wasnt quick for me, i was in no pain apart from one side that hurt intermittently. What worried me more than the pain was the thought of deeper damage, but it went after about 4 weeks.

Pelvic floor is amazing!!! a real bonus, all intact.

The first two weeks were frustrating, I was up and about by first weekend properly, ie going out but couldnt walk far, got tired.

DH did everything, cooking, cleaning etc. I rested well.


massivly aided my recovery and sleep etc.

Its been a miracle, I got mine for about 79 quid, id say even if you dont have a section get one, its been a life saver and best thing i have spent any baby realted money on.

baby is still sleeping happily next to me at 5 months, am dreading her moving into proper cot!

it means you dotn have to sit up or twist with baby, adn this one is large enough to change her in, put spare nappies in it within arms reach, etc etc etc.

I dont even think of my elc now, which is great, it took about 5 years to deal with shock of first labour!

make sure you make everything as easy for yourself as possible, i did masses and masses and massses of research, I had a smooth and easy time of it, it was bliss! and once again in large part that was thanks to the cot because I could sleep so much better.

shelley72 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:31:24

i have had a VB (3 deg tear) and then an ELCS for footling breech presentation - i had actually been planning a home birth second time round. i have to say, IME that the recovery from the section (even with a 2.9yr DS) was FAR easier than with the VB. feeding was also easier (though admittedly i had done it before) and i didnt suffer with PND as i had first time round.

however i found the thought of the section very hard to get my head around for some reason, almost like i hadnt done birth 'properly' which of course i now realise is complete rubbish. so although i worked hard physically for DS i worked just as hard emotionally for DD. i cant really explain.

i am currently pg with DC3 and am facing the same decision as you - do i try again for a VB or go straight for ELCS. its really hard to decide isnt it?

BadRoly Mon 25-Mar-13 14:41:27

I had 1 elcs (footling breech) and 3 vbacs with 2nd degree tears (each was progressively worse)

I would go vbac again unless it was felt that I needed another section by consultants. Mainly because except for dc2, I was home much quicker which made a huge difference to me mentally with children at home.

The other thing that was pointed out by the consultant with dc2 is that if you need surgery later in life for hysterectomy etc, they often go in in the same place so you are repeatedly weakening the same area.

I don't think there is much in it in terms of recovery though in my experience. I was pushing dc1 into town 2 weeks after she was born (elcs), same as I was doing school runs (on foot) with dc3 after a couple of weeks. And at least I could sit down comfortably after the section...

Pinkflipflop Mon 25-Mar-13 15:44:47

I've only given birth by elcs so you might not want my opinion!

My elcs was fantastic; my baby is 7 weeks and I would have another section tomorrow if I could! I feel great now but there was no way I could have a natural birth, I just couldn't think of anything worse for me.

atrcts Thu 28-Mar-13 08:00:39

MyDarlingClementine.... You mention doing everything you can to make things as easy as possible post CS and having done loads of research ... can I ask if you have any other specific info to pass on in regard to making it easy as poss? smile

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