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retained membranes

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NAR4 Tue 19-Mar-13 10:12:35

I had a large bit of retained membranes which my body expelled a week after birth. The hospital put me on a course of antibiotic for a week and I felt much better. Now a week after the antibiotics finishing I have a temperature and feel rotten again. Could this be more retained membranes? GP has put me on a low dose of antibiotics for another week, but why do they not check how much is left (if any) with a scan? Will they just keep treating with antibiotics until temperature doesn't come back or might I need a D&C?

duchesse Tue 19-Mar-13 12:50:06

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

I would hotfoot back to GP and/or call the midwives. If you need a D&C, that's a far better option than PP infection. Call them now!

Fresh01 Tue 19-Mar-13 15:18:38

Congratulations on your new arrival.
I agree with going back for medical help. Can you call the labour ward where you had the baby and tell them what happened? I did this when I passed a large lump of retained placenta at home after feeling I'll and being on ab's. They said they were quiet and to go up for a quick scan. It had all cleared. Took them 10mins to scan me and send me on my way.

I have had retained placenta with 3 out of 4 babies, all the girls! DC1 required a D&C at 12 weeks post birth, DC2 was manual removal under general 2 hours after she was born and DC4 was the one above.

Definitely get medical help ASAP.

NAR4 Tue 19-Mar-13 15:31:47

I spoke to my GP this morning, which is when he put me back on ABs. Maybe I'll phone the day assesment unit for advise, because they would do the scan if they decided I needed one.


carrietwick Tue 19-Mar-13 19:56:49

Hi, I just had to reply and say insist on a scan. I had a manual removal straight after the birth but still didn't feel well a few weeks on and luckily my GP referred me, turns out there was still more left at 10 weeks post birth so I went in for an op 2 days after the scan. It's always worth getting it checked out - I only had a slightly raised temperature which made the GP suspicious.

NAR4 Wed 20-Mar-13 07:24:12

I spoke to the maternity day assessment unit and told them my history (since baby's birth) and my symptoms and asked for a scan to check (which original hospital doctor had said would be done if I was unwell again). Midwife told me they wouldn't do a scan and it could just be a virus and not even need antibiotics.

If antibiotics don't sort it this time or temperature comes back and they still won't scan, DH has said to pay for a private scan to check as he doesn't want to risk it.

Why do the NHS seem to do everything in their power to avoid a scan, when it can instantly tell one way or another if there is anything left in the womb after birth?

pinkypants Wed 20-Mar-13 09:30:25

I would get a 2nd opinion or perhaps phone NHS Direct - sometimes they have more common sense and can put you through to a nurse/doctor for their opinion.

babynelly2010 Wed 20-Mar-13 12:57:47

what!!! this is ridiculous. you have to call and complain or go back to the pregnancy assessment unit where you gave birth and tell them that they must treat you.
I had retained membranes after my DD, I noticed that something was not right down there and went back to the hospital because my health worker was not answering the phone, they pulled out a giant piece of membranes, a size of my hand, they then send it for testing for infection. Right after that at the same time I was sent to ultrasound and they could see membranes left.
They offered me a surgical extraction of the membranes, don't remember what it is called but it is the same procedure as termination or they said you can weight for all membranes to come out naturally. I desided with the second natural option because I was scared to go under. They said that is fine and arranged another scan in 3 weeks to see if everything is fine, that scan was inconclusive and another scan was done another 2-3 weeks later. I also took antibiotics for 2 weeks.
I would recommend to go to the hospital where they have all equipment, your case sounds like a case of negligence and you need to speak up because if you in deed still have infected membranes inside you it can become life treating situation.

duchesse Wed 20-Mar-13 14:24:55

I am aghast that health professionals would take a temperature in a newly delivered woman with a known history of retained placenta so lightly.

OP, have you passed any clots? And is there a smelly discharge? Are you getting strong afterpains? (with DD2 I had more contractions about a week after she was born and passed a piece of the size of an orange segment- no more problems after that thankfully).

They must at least investigate to rule out infection in the womb FGS!

duchesse Wed 20-Mar-13 14:25:58

Also, are you breastfeeding? And do you have any breast pain or blockages? Because your symptoms could also be mastitis.

MyDarlingClementine Wed 20-Mar-13 14:48:55


Call back and speak to someone else.

Alot of care depends simply on who you talk to that time.

I was discharged after c section and told by the lady at discharge " YOu can REFER YOURSELF " BACK TO US up to two weeks after birth if you have any niggles. Call us.

So I did, " Oh no, you need to see your doctor" etc etc etc, I was on the phone to god knows who for ten mins. Then I said " Look I dont mean to be rude, but someone did say at discharge that I could do - what I am doing! So can you find the lady who discharged me or put me onto someone else. "

I was booked in for another apt the next day - at the hospital.

The Biggest mistake we make as lay people is assuming that people know what they are taking about in the NHS. Its chaos, on the ward its total chaos in that every memeber of staff that comes along generally tells you something different every time.

Call back, start again, say your worried and you need a scan.

I dont want to alarm you op - but retained product can cause septesemia - I knew someone ended up on life support with it - every organ started to shut down, and a few others ladies too.

If your too scared to call back, call your MW, doctors, dont sound relaxed , sound urgent - and try and call back hospital, likely you will get a totally different memeber of staff who may rush you in.
It is very urgent,

Good luck op.

NAR4 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:23:40

Just to update everyone. I feel fine now and am on my last day of the AB course. I still have a heavy feeling down below and a bruised feeling ache just above my pelvis, which is how it felt before, but no more after pains. Not sure if the feelings I have are because there is still something there or they have just come back because I am so busy again now. Only a very slight amount of bleeding now (4 weeks after birth), so again don't know if this means everything is alright now. Will speak to the GP again about it at my 6 week check (if no further problems before then) as I would really like a scan done now just to confirm all the retained membranes has now come out.

duchesse I am breastfeeding but know I def don't have any blocked ducts or mastitis (this is my 5th child and I previously trained as a breastfeeding adviser). Thanks for the suggestion though as I want to rule everything out.

Fresh01 Tue 26-Mar-13 12:03:26

Interesting to hear you describe a heavy feeling. I had that with DC4 and it felt like every so often my muscles would try pushing even though it was weeks after the baby was born! I remember thinking these after birth pains get stranger with each child!

It was a few days after I finished the ab's that my body passed a lump about the size of the palm of my hand. Just do as you are doing and keep a close eye on it. Good to hear you are feeling better : )

mercibucket Tue 26-Mar-13 12:09:41

i had a heavy dragging feeling with infectiin after retained membranes , maybe a longer course of abs is needed? dont ignore it

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