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Braxton Hicks - a lot - at 33 weeks - your experiences needed!

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morethan1 Fri 05-May-06 11:18:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yummimummy Sat 06-May-06 05:58:18

I also had very regular BH during my pregnancy - about 10 a day from 18 weeks til the end.
I also had a night when I had them very frequently, every 3-4 mins, but it settled down.
They were not painful, but felt tight.
I don't think thereS any correlation between having them and the type of labour you can expect.
Good luck

slinkstah Sat 06-May-06 11:39:07

i have had BH from 15 weeks, sometimes i was getting up to 30 a day but they were never painful.
i am 33 weeks now too and they have become very strong. when they become regular or too strong i jump in a bath of epsom salts (this is magnesium sulphate) it is a uterine relaxant - was used years ago to stop labour intravieously now they use something better.
Also you should take it easier and do less physical stuff, and also drink loads of water too, this will help relax your uterus too.

if you get worried though go back and get your cervix checked out.

my 1st labour was painful and i didn't have any BH throughout that pg, my 2nd labour was easy and had alot of BH. I have had ridiculous amount of BH through this one so i am hoping for a quick labour. my cervix is weak so it may well spring open anyway.

cori Sat 06-May-06 11:44:24

I have also been having quite regular and strong braxton hicks contractions since I was 33 weeks. I am now two days overdue.

notasheep Sat 06-May-06 12:11:43

At 28 weeks it all started for me,very strong contractions but then would eventually subside.
I ended up at maternity unit on 3 occasions thinking i was having baby.

He finally arrived 10 days late and induced.

So who knows what may happen for you.Good luck

kayzed Sat 06-May-06 16:54:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ledodgyherring Sat 06-May-06 17:01:35

Like you I had no bh with my first but with my second Kept thinking I was going into labour from about 30 weeks had pains especially ones in the groin area which stopped me in my tracks. In the end when I was actually in labour (at 39+4)I had a "ahh this is what they're really like moment" also when I did go into labour it only lasted 40 mins compared to 19 hrs with my dd so the BH obviously did their job in getting my body ready!

nutcracker Sat 06-May-06 17:10:04

Hiya, I had BH from about 32 weeks when pregnant with Dd2. They were extremely strong and painful but my midwife dissmissed them and told me to take paracetamol for the pain.

At 34 weeks my waters broke and I went into labour and Dd2 was delivered by emergency section (due to distress). We were both treated with anti biotics although I was told there was no eveidence of an infection.

Anyway, Dd was treated in scbu for 2 weeks, she had no probs really except for that she was a slow feeder. She finally came home on boxing day.

morethan1 Sat 06-May-06 17:58:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CatherineG Sat 06-May-06 18:15:16

ds1 - had them from 10 days before (born at 37 weeks) and quick labour

ds2 - started at 20 weeks, more intense from 28 weeks, had protein in urine and put on anti-b's, infection disappeared but bh's didn't, hospital unit for monitoring at 33 weeks as mw worried, ended up staying in 24 hrs to have steriod injections.
Intensity got worse over time to extent that i was thinking "hum i remember what labour was like" in the last couple of weeks, though i knew it wasn't labour.
Was approx 5/6 ah hour for last couple of months.
Labour started at 37 weeks and lasted 25 mins from waters going, 15 from first 'proper' contraction (as in "oh shit, bh's weren't contractions, they were a WALK IN THE PARK").

good luck

jeanini Sun 07-May-06 11:12:24

hi im having same 34 wks+4 days and i had v bad bh contractions fri nght and all day yest. they seemed to hurt esp low down and would come every 3-5 mins. ive been into hosp twice now with contractions at 32 wks and 33 wks. but they checked my cervix and it wasnt dilating. they also gave me steriods to mature babies lungs. the contractions are v painfull and i keep thinking this is it. but i dont want to show my face at the hosp again unless it is the real thing as it is a bit embarassing when it isnt and dh getting fed up getting dragged out of bed in the middle of the night to go to hosp. with ds1 my waters broke then i got v painfull contractions. so im thinking that even though bh are painfull do i wait until my waters break before i go to hosp next time. my mw also said it is because of a irritable uterus and because ive got gest diab and a lot of amnio fluid this can cause lots of bh. cant wait to give birth and for it to be over. but still worried about painfull labour.

diddle Mon 08-May-06 12:29:40

morethan1 - i too have been getting BH regularly. I went into hospital with them on two occassions in the last 3 wks. I am now 35 wks. Sometimes they're regular and other times they're all over the place, they have been very uncomfortable but not painful. I have started getting pains more recently bit like period pains but not always at the same time as a contraction. If you are at all worried call the maternity unit again, its their job to check you out, just because it wasn't anything before doesn't mean its not now.

jeanini - If you are having painful contractions I would go back to the hospital, don't worry about what they think, they'll do all they can. and as for DH, well he'll have to get used to being woken up in the night anyway, so don't worry about him either, its better to be safe than sorry. I know i'd never forgive myself if something went wrong that i could have controlled.

morethan1 Thu 11-May-06 18:09:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rebecca24 Fri 19-May-06 23:38:35

i had same experiance i was gettin pains so went in 2 hospital they scaned me and said my uterus was contracting i was only about 20 weeks i got some pethidine they eventually wore off and i carried on but i had BH through out rest off pregnancy i went 5 days over i had a epeduril didnt feel a thing!

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