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Transerse lie at 31 weeks - should i be worried? What can I do?

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spub Fri 05-May-06 10:00:53

Any advice, please?
Just scared myself silly be googling transverse lie.
Any ideas for turning this baby around?

DumbledoresGirl Fri 05-May-06 10:04:07

One of mine was transverse at about 30 weeks but he/she turned a few weeks later. I think you have plenty of time yet for the baby to turn so try not to worry about it just yet (hard I know!)

coppertop Fri 05-May-06 10:06:42

31 weeks is still quite early. My dd was in a transverse position at 36wks. By the time I was scanned again a week later she was head down.

I found that spending time on all-fours helped a lot.

Good luck.

Marina Fri 05-May-06 10:08:46

Why are you scared silly spub? Are you very concerned about having an elective c-section? If your baby is full transverse (from which it's not so likely to turn) then you will need an elective probably. If it is oblique transverse then as DG says, they usually turn in good time.
I had an elective for full transverse with ds and although it wasn't quite the birth I wanted, tbh, the main thing was that he was fine and so was I.
The main thing about transverse lie is that nowadays it is diagnosed and managed. So long as it has been picked up neither you nor the baby are in any danger.

earthmummy Fri 05-May-06 10:09:53

Your baby still has the room to do summersaults and position itself wherever Only a tiny few babies stay in this position. There is plenty of time for baby to turn.

RedZuleika Fri 05-May-06 10:43:55

Have read on a midwifery site that wearing tight-ish cycling-type shorts can work. Don't ask me how you get these up your bump...

Straightforward Fri 05-May-06 10:49:35

Spub - you've got me worried now! Mine's been transverse for weeks and seems v comfy there (29 weeks), and DD was head down practically from the word go.

joec Fri 05-May-06 13:43:38

my ds1 was a transverse lie up to 3 days before he was born.
went to hospital on the thursday to book for a c-section and he had turned head down and was born on the saturday evening....
it is too early for you to start worrying , it could easily turn and probably will.

spub Sat 06-May-06 07:35:52

Thnks guys,
Ironically, I'm booked in for an elective in any case as I had retained placenta and 3rd degree tear last time around.
I suppose I was just woried that the baby being transverse could indicate placenta praevia(sp?) and the google sites seemed to be making more of a "thing" of it than any of you lovely sensible
Will try some yoga positions and scrub some floors!
Many thanks.

HellKat Sat 06-May-06 07:45:06

Hiya hun.
Try the position my physio suggested for getting babba into optimum position (great for backache too).
Pop a pillow or cushion on the floor, go on all fours and rest your forearms on the pillow. rest your head down so that your rear is way up. It's surprisingly comfy and gets baby into a fab position (silmilar to a yoga pose). Do that a few times day.
Hope it works! x

kayzed Sat 06-May-06 17:00:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nooka Sat 06-May-06 17:09:03

My first was transverse oblique, but they didn't pick it up until after my waters broke. This despite my midwife showing her student "and here's the head" and at least two registrars as well getting it wrong. It wasn't until they scanned me that they realised that what they all had thought was his head was actually his bottom! So I wouldn't worry too much, as they could well be wrong. It will mean that you will have a c-section, but as you are having one anyway that's not really an issue. My ds was born a bit squishy, but that's because the reason he was transverse was that apparently I had a heart shaped uterous (strangely this disappeared by the time dd came along 16mths later). No one seemed that worried at the tinme, although I think it's quite a rare lie, as I got a fair bit of interest afterwards.

Marina Sat 06-May-06 19:37:46

Actually spub I can now understand your concern and know what you mean. Ds, full transverse, was lying on top of the placenta and the placenta WAS close to where the surgeon made the incision. Apart from my drenching him with lots of amniotic fluid, he was also peed off because apparently my midwife and I had deliberately conspired to keep the position of the placenta a secret from him (I told you he was worthy of a soaking kayzed).
But, it's true, I did seemingly have undiagnosed PP, and he was right to be anxious with hindsight about not knowing. I am sure you will be fine spub, but as kayzed says, double check it is known where the placenta is by all concerned in your delivery. And then, nothing to worry about

biglips Sat 06-May-06 19:41:31

mine was transverse lie till 36 weeks and then she turned so 31 weeks is still early days

biglips Sat 06-May-06 19:44:26

ha so youre are having a c-section anyway, well i ended up an emergency c-section as DD was facing the wrong way (and also back to back) when her head became engaged which me and midwife was not aware till during labour! They tried to turn her around but couldnt.

PrettyCandles Sat 06-May-06 20:11:44

My first one traveled all over the place inside me, and at scans I was often sent to have a walk or jump up and down in order to get him to move so that they could see the relevant bits (I had many scans). Somewhere fairly late in teh 3rd trimester he decided to move into transverse lie. Then, thank goodness, he turned around again and continued touring until about 35 wks, when he settled down in the 'correct' position and didn't budge out of it until birth. The reason I say "thank goodness" is that it was bloody uncomfortable because he played football with my fibroid for a day or two.

31wk is so early as to be a non-issue. Really. Give it a chance to turn. Crawling around on hands and knees (wash the floor, tidy toys etc), sitting astride a chair backwards and leaning forwards onto the back of the chair, and draping yourself over a birthing ball are all supposed to be good ways of encouraging the baby into the correct position.

spub Wed 10-May-06 08:30:41

Thanks for the feedback.
Doing all of the "right" things and hopefully this little so and so will turn though no sign as yet!
Bloody uncomfortable. Dd (3.5) was far more co-operative and assumed the correct position with out any fuss. Needless to say, she was my first and my stomach muscles are now buggered so apparently that may also be a factor!
Will post if any updates.
Thanks again!

sunita123 Mon 15-May-06 15:57:25

Hi spub,

Reading this thread has been really interesting. I seem to have the problem/worry that baby is lying tranverse. I shall be trying some of these positions myself. I am due mid-July.
When are you due?
How many weeks are you now? You can't be far off.

spub Mon 15-May-06 18:14:40

I'm due a section on June 30th so I think that's 6 weeks on Friday!
Best to you. I'll post more later.

jersey Thu 18-May-06 10:18:30

HI spud

My baby seems to move between breech and transverse, so hoping he will make his mind up soon. At this stage with DS he was already head down by now. I have a scan on tues so will let you know what they say then.

spub Fri 19-May-06 07:54:10

Hey Jersey,
I had a GP appt yesterday and apparently the baby is now head down. Hope he stays there!
Will continue to lie on my left for half an hour per day and do some bum in the air poses just to try to maintain that!
Hope yr appt goes well.

Elibean Wed 24-May-06 20:31:27

dd was transverse for ages, and turned head down at around 35 weeks. I went from feeling like I'd swallowed a large bone sideways, to feeling like I could sleep again overnight! Good luck!

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