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Quick labours?

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JennH Tue 20-Jan-04 18:40:06

I had my first in 5 hrs (in labour at 2, E out by 7.15) and when i had her everyone was amazed at how quickly i did give birth. The MW said next time i would have to be monitered because i would probably give birth even more quickly (in 2 hours or so). Now obviously i am glad i have nice quick labours, BUT I am worried about having a baby in 2 hours, i personally don't want home births...I asked my HV and she muttered about being admitted before the birth but she wasn't very helpful.

Anyone else heard of this?

Enid Tue 20-Jan-04 19:01:42

I had a 2 hour second labour - we live about 20 mins drive from the hospital and I gave birth to dd2 20 mins after we arrived.

It was fine but shocking how quickly things got serious - I woke up with vague pains at 2.10am and dd2 born at 4.15am.

How far are you from hospital?

littlerach Tue 20-Jan-04 19:07:12

I am pregnant with second. DD was born quickly - she was prem and I didn't realsie I was n labour. Whilst my contractions started about 20 hrs before she arrived, I didn't go to hospital until I really hurt!! On examination, I was 2 cm dilated, dh went home to get bag, 30 mins later I was 9 cms and ready to go into delivery room!! DD arrived some time later.
This time I have to see a consultant as my local is a community hospital, and do not have facilities for prem babies, but due to my speedy dilation, there is concern that I wouldn't make it to the main one.
My mw has also said that the second is usually quicker - we shall see!!!

JennH Tue 20-Jan-04 19:26:19

I am currently 10 mins from the hospital. E is only 9 weeks so i am not getting pregnant for a while yet. I am just interested.

pupuce Tue 20-Jan-04 19:27:24

There are also a fair amount of women who had quick first labour and long second ones !

Slinky Tue 20-Jan-04 20:00:17

My 2nd and 3rd births were very quick - No 2 was induced and total time from first contraction to delivery was 1hr 40 mins.

I assumed that this was because of the induction so assumed that No 3 would be longer (also had been told that 3rd births were a nightmare!).

However, although DD2 held on for 16 days - when she did decide to come she was out in 1hr 10 mins. First contraction at 6.30am - straight up, showered, drove to hospital arriving at 7.30am - DD2 delivered at 7.40am!!

Very scary - suffered from shock after both births. I was advised that if I went for Baby No 4, then induction or home birth would be best.

misdee Tue 20-Jan-04 20:06:43

dd2, well woke up around 5am with slight pains. went downstairs but the time igot to the bottom of the stairs the contractions were coming thick and fast. got to the hospital at 6am, had dd2 around 7.45am. they counted labour from when i got there so it says 1 hr 45mins on my notes.

Dmum Tue 20-Jan-04 20:35:41

1st baby - waters broke and went straight to hospital. Began having mild contractions. Mwf examined me and I was only 1 cm dilated. I wanted to stay in , but they sent DH home. 1 hour 20 mins later I was ready to push!! I had diamorphine for the pain, but it totally put me out of things. I felt as if I was so drunk. I couldn't push properly and DS got stuck. 3 hours of pushing and they decided to use a ventouse to get him out. If I had been able to push properly, things would have been even quicker. NO DIAMORPHINE NEXT TIME!!!

dinosaur Tue 20-Jan-04 21:00:47

My second was pretty quick - waters broke about 4.30 p.m., started having contractions about 6 p.m. , DS2 born at 8.15 p.m..

On the plus side, we do live very near the hospital!

I'd love to have a home birth this time but don't think I'll be allowed to because of problems before

Angeliz Tue 20-Jan-04 22:07:52

i was a bit crampy all day and went for a walk with dp and dog at 4ish. Got back home and started bleeding at 5.30 and went to hospital, had dd at 8.58 so 3 and a half hours really of "knowing". I hope to prove pupuce wrong and have a fast one next time too

Lou33 Wed 21-Jan-04 00:19:35

First baby, born at home after a 2 hr 20 min labour.

Second was born 3 mins after getting to hospital while on holiday ( she was early), after a labour of 1 hour 50 mins.

Third was 1 hour 11, born at homr.

Fourth was induced early in hospital ,and was a total of 22 mins in labour, of which 5 mins was the second stage.

secur Wed 21-Jan-04 09:26:19

Message withdrawn

lazyeye Wed 21-Jan-04 09:32:56

I have a very good friend who has been told she has a condition called precipitated labour - ie s**t fast labours. 1st was about 2 hours, 2nd was out in mins I think. She is now pg again and quite worried about giving birth in front of the other 2 while making the tea!! And she has the cheek to moan about not getting pain relief....

I'm the opposite end of the scale.

emmatmg Wed 21-Jan-04 11:48:27

Ds1 was long and hard with any drug I could get my hands on. DS2 was born at home, delivered by paramedics as DH had gone to get my mum (thinking we had hours to wait!!), about 3 hours for very twinge.
DS3 was also born at home, but a planned homebirth this time (because of DS2's speed) and according to my notes it took 2 hours and 6 minutes. The midwife examined me at 4:20am and she I wasn't dilated at all and that I had several hours to go yet so she went home, HA little did she know that within 1hr 45mins she'd return and find me with baby virtually hanging out!
I will just add that although the were fast and furious I would MUCH rather have them that way than the long hard slog I had with DS1. I think if we ever did have another baby(which isn't likely) the descison would be taken out of my hands as to were he or she would be born as I doubt I'd get the hospital in time. I'd be happy to do it at home again.

emmatmg Wed 21-Jan-04 11:49:32

That should be DS2 '3 hrs from very first twinge' even

Loobie Wed 21-Jan-04 12:35:33

1st-2 weeks early,contractions begun at 11pm and ds was born exactly 4 hours later at 3am.
2nd-3 weeks early,contractions begun about 8pm and ds2 wasnt born till 7:11am he was poaterior lie so took longer.
3rd-2 weeks early,waters broke at 2:30am into hospital at 3:30,examined at 7am was 5cm then had to push and dd was on the bed at 7:04am.
So great variation in times of labour,the hospital were worried about sending me home with ds2 after checking notes which said i had a 1 1/2 hour labour with no.1 but i was still waiting for him the next day.

ThomCat Wed 21-Jan-04 12:53:26

Go on Lou! That's mad!
mine was just under 6 from first very mild contraction to her in my arms.
Fully dilated when arrived at birthing unit.

Lou33 Wed 21-Jan-04 14:40:34

TC, it bloody hurts! Dilating to 10 cm without time for pain relief that quickly is agony. Still think I would prefer it to having to put up with hours of pain , pushing for ages,getting tired etc....

lucysmum Wed 21-Jan-04 14:53:27

In my first antenatal group, one of us (not me) had a quite quick natural birth and went for a home birth second time. Baby was back to back and she had a horrible time, very long and painful, says she would never do it again and is planning hospital birth for her third. Me - I was induced with DD1 and birth was 24 hours from them. DD 2 - waters broke at 11 pm, contractions started immediately, she arrived at 1.45 am after 20 mins in the hospital. Midwife said (jokingly ?) that if there was a next time maybe I should plan a home birth.

Maizie Wed 21-Jan-04 15:05:00

Baby #1 - 5 hour labour, 15 mins for 2nd stage
Baby #2 - 6 hour labour, 1 min for 2nd stage
Baby #3 - 2 hour labour, 1 min for 2nd stage

Easy labour and birth all 3 times - but had to have the placenta manually removed each time.

bez Tue 24-Feb-04 19:08:37

thought I'd revive this thread as I've been complaining about a quick birth on the shock after childbirth thread.
Wondered if anyone on this thread who hasnt posted on my shock after birth thread found a quick labour as shocking as I did, ie still in a state weeks later and wishing it had been quicker so as not to miss out on the experience.

As I said on my thread, I know I should feel grateful I didnt have to labour and push for hours
but I am so diappointed I had an hours long labour.

Also did anyone find that the pain was constant? I had thought one of the ways you tell its labour is cos the pains not constant and instead comes in waves, but for me it was constant and very severe right from the beginning. I thought the only time you had constant pain was if you had backache inbetween the contractions.

WSM Tue 24-Feb-04 19:14:38

My first and only labour so far was 3 hours in total. Pushed for 22 mins.

I'm parking my bum on the steps of the maternity unit at 7 months with the next one !

kiwisbird Tue 24-Feb-04 19:19:22

1st labour
got a bit sore at 2.45pm, threw up at 2.50
midwife raced over, had my son at 3.30pm
Me and mum had thought it a false alarm as it didn;t really hurt?
2nd labour
woke up at 5.45 with firm contractions 3 mins apart, went to hospital (as was a bit early 3 weeks) at 6.00am as it was a bit uncomfy
Had dd at 6.28
I was worried about impromptu home birth with no 2, I had planned with no 1..
But it was ok, we just made it and to my mind the less time you spend in hospital labouring the better!

Levanna Tue 24-Feb-04 22:53:52

Hi Bez, my labour with my DD was 5 hours (my first ). For some reason I thought it would be longer, particularly as first labours in my family usually don't deviate from being 18 hours in length! I was really glad to have had a quick labour, but it really was 'fast and furious'! I felt as though I didn't have time to get used to any stage of it, used to dealing with the contractons, or using gas and air effectively either. I was totally unprepared when the midwife told me I could push as I had no idea I would be ready so quickly! I was definitely in shock for months after my DD was born, but assumed it was related more to an incident that happened not long after the birth. But, what you have written does strike a chord. I'm pregnant now, and we're planning a home birth this time 'round, just in case! I didn't seem to 'go in to labour' last time, I kind of landed in it feet first - contractions started immediately at 3 mins apart, and excruciatingly strong. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to cope with a ride to hospital if it goes the same way again! I'm really sorry that your labour has left you feeling so shocked, is there anyone you can talk it over with? A community midwife maybe?

secur Wed 25-Feb-04 11:19:06

Message withdrawn

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