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Finding a consultant

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Hubbard88 Fri 01-Mar-13 19:35:52

Has anyone had any experience with Dr Ge Zhang recently? I am due mid August and have reserved a place at the lindo wing in St Marys. Was referred to her by the hospital

lolo13 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:56:40


Dr Ge Zhang is amazing.. she delivered my baby by emergency caesarean early this year at Lindo Wing

she is very professional, calm and supportive. With me she was good in detecting the complication, she was very straight forward and advised me best "my delivery options". she was caring and was always available when i needed her.

this is no joke,
Dr Zhang caesarean delivery left me no scar - the scar is very short, thin and fine that you would never know its there unless you are told.

after 1-2 weeks I was healed and ready to rock again!!

she will deliver my next and I can 100% recommend her service.

good luck to you,


(Dr Zhang, thank you very much for looking after me/us)

LuciensMoM Sun 28-Jul-13 10:41:57

We had the great privilege of meeting Dr. Zhang early in our pregnancy when we were informed we should consider a CVS, due to circumstances we chose go with an ameno, a decision made easier by Dr. Zhang's honesty and informative approach.

Right from the start she has been guiding, honest, supportive and informative; we decided to stay with Dr. Zhang; when she offered to deliver us.

We had always intended to go with an elective c-section, and she was extremely supportive, even allowing us to choose the delivery day of our choice. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Zhang for our beautiful baby boy and making the entire pregnancy experience a time we shall and do cherish. We have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Zhang wholly and completely.

LuciensMoM Wed 21-Aug-13 12:44:21

Follow up: Six days after Lucien was born I developed a very odd allergic reaction, chronic itching across my entire body, I contacted Dr. Zhang and she was utterly amazing, she moved heaven and earth for me, even getting medication out of the hospital dispensary for me late at night, and contacting me the following day to confirm that things were indeed improving. I can not recommend Dr. Zhang more highly, not only is she an amazing doctor, her follow up afterwards is beyond the call of duty.

BabyY Wed 23-Sep-15 13:02:35

Please tell me how the experience was? I am 36 weeks, late booking with Dr. Zhang, scared of the entire delivery processes and hence opted for private care hoping I will mentally feel safer. Any advice or stories from Lindo wing will be appreciated, in particular with Dr. Zhang. I might be opting for a caesarian.

MsGlitterJunkie Wed 30-Sep-15 17:59:10

I'm also considering using Dr Zhang (at the Sir Stanley Clayton ward at Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea hospital) so any recent experiences would really be handy!

Also considering Dr McCarthy so any recent experiences with him also v useful!

Xiaonan8114 Thu 29-Oct-15 23:47:10

I had my first baby delivered last year by Doctor Zhang in Lindo Wing and really appreciate her support throughout my entire pregnancy. Because of my miscarriage before (and poor experience with NHS), my husband and I had been quite nervous and been asking lots of questions to Dr Zhang, she was always very patient and supportive to reassure us that everything would be fine. She could always be reached easily by phone when I didn't feel well and would need her opinion.

We were well informed that the baby was quite big but still decided to give natural birth a try, a decision fully supported and respected by Dr Zhang. She had been with us throughout the whole induction and laboring process. In the end, I had to go for emergency caesarean (it was a really big baby girl!) and it was very smooth, and the scar was very small as well. The midwife in Lindo Wing told me that most of Dr Zhang's patients got very small scars.

I would strongly recommend her service and use her again as she made my whole pregnancy easier and more relaxed.

Regarding Lindo Wing, it's not cheap but really worth it, you always got someone taking care of you before and after delivery. Even if in rare cases that there is big complication/emergency, St Mary's is just next door. (That was a big reason why I prefer Lindo than Portland Hospital)

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