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Labour with a pulled back muscle? (Hoping for vbac)

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piggybank Mon 25-Feb-13 19:51:10


38 weeks and pulled a muscle in side of my back. No idea how long it will take to heal but with a three year old to look after, it could be slow!

Back was in spasm hours on Friday night as it was aggravated by my cough. However it is stabilising now and I hope starting to heal.

I am hoping to go into labour naturally and then have a vbac.

Not sure what to expect from vbac but I had a difficult recovery from my c section and feel very worried if I end up with another - eg: cut stomach muscles plus useless back muscles = total inability to do anything!!

Having said that, I worry that I will get through first stage only to find I can't push baby out. I think it's relevant to add that I am over weight and not particularly fit to start with...

Anyone have experience of labour and birth with an injured back? Any advice for the pushing stage?

Thank you and sorry this is long and rambling -- vbac vs c section wobble!

GingerJulep Mon 25-Feb-13 20:18:51

TBH you may get better (as in more specific to you) advice if you can get yourself an 'emergency' referral to a physio, or just pay to see one if you can afford it (should be well under 100GBP). Preferably one with experience of labour(ing patients). They should have an idea of what 'exercise' (pushing/positions) will be good/bad.

Also have a chat with your midwife who should be able to advise on positions.

Good luck!

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