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Please allay last minute queries re ELCS....

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Stangirl Mon 25-Feb-13 19:14:19

I've had 2 ELCS. For the first day after I was high on morphine and loved it. Day after that I had shower and kept to my painkiller schedule - no probs. Discharged day after and more or less fine. Up and down stairs straight away. Wanted the stitch out asap as it sort of hurts. Was pushing pram up hill by day 5 and walking at least 2 miles a day. I am old and knackered but it really was easy.

FergusSingsTheBlues Mon 25-Feb-13 18:28:43

Thanks. Im really scared about this one, and my family behave like im just being neurotic PITA, I just want to hide in my house away from them all!!

Weve decided to come back after five days, should be enough to get over the initial hurdle.

PLanning on going to get my hair done and eyebrows threaded tomorrow to take my mind off it all

Beatrixpotty Sun 24-Feb-13 22:17:25

I would say constant help in first 3 weeks would be fine.That is what I am planning this time around for my 3rd section..from my DH,at home, with no family staying!
Apart from taking iron tablets, you can ask your GP or midwife can do a blood test, if you are severely anaemic there may be something you can do and the result will come back before your c-section.
Just another thing..is your parents house close to your house? The community midwives and health visitors will be keeping a close eye on you in the first 2-3 weeks weeks after discharge and if you are in a different area to your own GP surgery you will need to let them know so you & baby get proper follow up after discharge.

ThingsNeedToChange Sun 24-Feb-13 22:14:03

1- I would see your mw

2- if you want to take it then I would

3- I left the house after a week but just for a short walk to the shops. I climbed the stairs the day I got home but just took it slow

4- I was mainly sore but completed over whelmed / shocked by the hormones

5- think I went out alone with DC at aboutb10 days

Good luck

FergusSingsTheBlues Sun 24-Feb-13 22:09:14

Yes, thats what scares me..being housebound with a toddler and baby.
Thats why im so obsessed with how long it will take for me to get to a point where i can manage. Planning n bringing my mum back with me when dh starts work again.

Flisspaps Sun 24-Feb-13 22:07:07

Even with living at the top of a hill, in a small flat, I'd sooner go home than stay with (in your own words) family who will take over, but in a bigger house.

If you're only going there for a week, then it's not as if you'll be fully recovered and able to push the pram up the hill when you do return home anyway...

FergusSingsTheBlues Sun 24-Feb-13 22:06:26

So....if i have constant help in the furst three weks, that should be sufficient then....

Re anaemia, im feeling anaemic now, but i guess with three days to go, its too late to do anything before the op?

FergusSingsTheBlues Sun 24-Feb-13 22:03:53

Thanks everybody.

Just want to point out my dh is not being an ass, but we would prefer to be in our own home, esp as my family has a habit of taking over quite a bit, v loud and opinionated. But as we live on top of a hill, on s busy street and n a mall flat, we know it would be sensible stay in my parents massive house where we can all get space, walk in showers etc.

Id like to go hona after a week, but not if it will make life difficult.

Beatrixpotty Sun 24-Feb-13 20:17:03

I've had 2 ELCSs.
If you are anaemic pre-op they will not give you an iron injection.If you are really anaemic after surgery occasionally they may need to give you a blood transfusion but they will try and avoid that.You may get given iron tablets to continue taking after discharge.They will be monitoring it before the op .
I never took an iPod,they often have music on in theatre.Both times the atmosphere was pretty lighthearted and relaxed.
1st time I stayed in 3 nights.2nd time,2 nights.Coukd not have stayed any less as was in considerable pain ,more so after the second.
I was on a high but tired when I got home,not from the surgery but from being woken up frequently at night by a hungry baby..this will happen however you have it though!Also post-operatively the nursemaid wake you up during the night to do observations,temperature ,blood pressure etc,and you are unlikely to be in a single room so eveyone else wakes you up too with different patients being wheeled in and out and people pressing buzzers..
In terns of recovery,I could go for a short walk after about a week but things like kerbs can be hard with a pram after a c-section.
I needed help for at least 2 weeks after the first one with things like housework,carrying washing,unloading dishwasher etc.You can manage fine with the baby on your own,it's just all the other stuff.As long as there is someone around to help you,your DH doesn't need to be there if your mum is and he feels awkward.My mum is great but even I wouldn't really want to go and live there for a week or more so can appreciate your DHs hesitation..having a new baby is a very emotional time with hormones flying everywhere ,and lack of sleep makes me a bit loopy, I was quite sensitive to who was around us.Can't turn down help though as you will need it.
Hope it all goes well

MyDarlingClementine Sun 24-Feb-13 18:05:30

Tell your DH he will have to bloody well stay at your mums for as long as you need, your having a major fucking operation to deliver HIS CHILD. angry.


It will totally depend on you - some people feel no pain at all - some feel lots...

dont put any pressure on yourself. and if you feel great - rememeber you have lots of layers inside that need to heel so even if you feel great dont risk long term healing for short term things.


This ^ was intergral to my recovery and a happy baby.

Please tell them about the iron thing.....

Much more rested after section than labour and sleepless nights.

noblegiraffe Sun 24-Feb-13 15:33:26

I had an ELCS, stayed in hospital two nights. They would have let me out after one but I really didn't feel comfortable with that, in case anything went wrong as my operation had been late afternoon. I was up and pottering around the morning after the operation and when I got home I was fine to walk upstairs. The drive home was, however, nerve wracking and uncomfortable, I would avoid unnecessary car journeys (and put a maternity pad on top of your scar to cushion it).
I could go for a gentle walk a few days later, but wouldn't go too far with a pram.
Buy big pants and plenty of soft trousers or jogging bottoms, I'm still in mine a month later!

As for iron, you will lose blood in the operation so they will test iron after and then give you pills if necessary.

VegemiteSandwich Sun 24-Feb-13 13:37:41

I had an EMCS, not sure how different!

I went home the next evening and had to climb the stairs to get to bed. Had to rely heavily on the handrail for quite some time!

I left the house to go for a walk around the block maybe 5 days later?

I was exhausted afterwards, but Christmas was 3 days later and we had the in laws staying. This was a bad idea!

Pain wasn't too bad, though I did request that I be discharged with diclofenac.

I work in a surgical unit where surgery is done under local anaesthetic. We suggest that people take iPods to block out the surgery sounds. Personally I wouldn't use an iPod for the birth of my baby, however it would be brilliant if you think you need help "zoning out" and the staff will be happy for you to do anything that helps you relax. A relaxed patient makes life easier for everyone!

HappyAsASandboy Sun 24-Feb-13 12:23:50

I had an ELCS two years ago.

If you think you're anaemic, see your midwife and ask for an iron injection before hand. It isn't routine, and I don't think they'd check iron levels from the pre-op blood sample. That same is to confirm blood type in case you need donor blood in theatre (which is unlikely).

Take your iPod and ask the midwife that you're assigned on arrival. She'll either take it from you and organise it all or say no and your DH can put it in his pocket.

I went in to hospital on Wednesday morning, went home on Friday night. I stayed inside for a week, and first outing was a walk round the (fairly large) garden. Went out in the car (DH driving) and managed a cup of tea in the garden centre at 10 days. Could drive after two weeks. I could do stairs as soon as I got home, but slowly.

I felt tired and overwhelmed, but on a hormonal high the day of my ELCS. The following morning, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Absolutely battered. The midwife came and suggested I had a shower - I've never felt so incredulous in my life! She was serious though, and said I really should, so after my catheter was removed, I hobbled down the bay to the bathroom. It took about 10 minutes, leaning on DH, to go the 6 meters. I managed to shower, sat in the little fold down seat thing, and get dried an dressed with a bit of DH help. Did the journey back up the bay in a fraction of the time. I honestly thought a shower was a) impossible and b) would be of no help. But it started off my recovery. I felt a lot better afterwards (though still rough!). The next day was lots better, an I discharged myself that afternoon (which was too soon, but it was a cold October night, out house is a building site, and I had twins. It wouldn't have been too soon if I had a normal life and one baby). Recovery was quick and straightforward after that. Virtually back to normal after a fortnight, though wearing trousers that rested on the scar and/or too much walking would make my tummy ache and the scar sore for a good two months after the ELCS.

I could take my babies for a walk on my own after about a week/10 days.

FergusSingsTheBlues Sun 24-Feb-13 11:49:52

Please....stupid questions that are worrying me...

1. Im anaemic and feeling all white again, certain my iron levels are low, do they give you iron injection before the operation? They took blood from me at pre op, will they check?
2. One consultant told me to bring in ipod, another said not to bother. I dont want to feel like some entitled idiot....
3. Will i be able to leave the house after a week? My husband only wants to stay at my mums for a few days...how long before you could climb the stairs?
4. Are you exhausted after a csection, or mainly sore and overwhelmed?
5. How long before you could take children for walk alone?

Thanks. Silly questions, i know.....

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