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ELCS what to expect?

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Emsyboo Fri 22-Feb-13 18:28:41

Hiya found out getting ELCS next Thursday when I am 37+4 due to placenta previa.
Am very scared from it being an op and risks of haemorrhage (had PPH with DS with natural birth and with PP am high risk)
Just want to know what to expect?
Any advice on staying calm and things I may need?
Thanks in advance x

Andcake Fri 22-Feb-13 20:19:40

I had ds by elcs due to him being breech. I have never had a natural birth as he is pfb. I was v scared but it was v straightforward. There will be a lot of people in the room all intro themselves before the op and were lovely. You walk to the op area where they did the spinal then into theatre. It's v quick to get the baby out then takes longer to sew you up. V pain free just like some one doing the washing up in there ( you will know what I mean next week). Dp could see the business end but a curtain stops you. Ds was pulled out lots of congratulations from all involved. They showed him to me then dp went with him to a table to have his measurements and be wrapped in a towel then they let me cuddle him whilst I was sewn up. We were then taken into a waiting area where bf we encouraged. I couldn't get up for 24 hrs afterwards due to the catheter hard with a newborn. Many people I know with cs had breast feeding problems so lots of skin to skin is needed. Moving around as quickly as possible helped me feel better. When home keep a separate towel to the rest of the family for scar washing to help avoid infections. I also too lots of bit c and zinc to try and help. I never finished all my pain meds but it was hard to walk for about a week. Good luck - I was so scared but it was vvvv easy.

elizaregina Fri 22-Feb-13 20:34:05


I am an evenangalist over this - I think eventually they will totally make moses baskets redundant.

Its been a life saver physically but the baby has slept like a dream because she is so close to me and none of that anxiety about falling asleep on baby.

Also - as its so large and stable - my DH was able to lean over me to get to the baby to put her back on the cot when I did doze off or in the very ealry days when I couldnt move.

That and a v pillow.

Loads of people recomened apricot - dried- it didnt do much for me - however - syrup of figs did and was v cheap. one small bottle was all i needed.

be careful on moving after the op - there is a big difference in moving - and getting mobile - to doing twists and moving in correctly.

put it this way - all the ladies on my ward who rested over night were more mobile than me the next day after a mw told me to get moving and i did a massive twist and pulled something, this set me back and caused me alot of pain. if it wasnt for that i would have been 100% pain free.

Know yourself - will you panic when you get into theatre? are you more gung ho - drop the screen etc...

the staf are used to people being nervous - they will jolly you along, it should all be over so quickly.

air your scar as much as possible in days after op when bandage is off - give it all a chance to heal.

Emsyboo Sat 23-Feb-13 07:47:27

Thanks andcake sounds a lot more relaxing than I envisioned been in hospital 9 days so getting to know the team pretty well so hopefully have some familiar faces.
eliza will look at the cot we have a swinging crib we used for DS but that does look good will speak to DH as he is off buying things like big knickers etc today.
I don't know why it scares me more than normal delivery.
I have heard a lot if scary stuff like I won't be able to pick up newborn for over 2 weeks well with a 2 year old as well and DH only has 2 days paternity leave this could be a big problem but sounds like it is an exaggeration newborns are so tiny they wouldn't really send me home if I couldn't lift baby!

Andcake Sat 23-Feb-13 11:50:29

Oh poor you stuck in hospital. Thats probably boring so making you dwell more. Getting to know the team definitely an advantage. We ended up with great rapport with the anethasist whose sons birthday was that same day and had been born in the same theatre! He was v jolly :-) our Nct lady had basically said everyone would be upbeat a 'its the birth of a baby after all' and they were. Some hospitals allow you to take a cd in so maybe ask. I was up and about fairly soon and could definitely lift newborn. A sling helped too also pelvic floors. Just don't expect to be able to walk v far for the first few weeks. Ohh forgot about the big pants. The bit I feared the most was having the dressing taken off just make sure it's v wet. Really just taking off a big plaster.

bonzo77 Sat 23-Feb-13 12:14:00

I've had 2. Lifting newborn never a problem (well, was a bit awkward after 2nd one as baby in NiCU with lots of tubes). And lifting toddler after 2nd one after about a week.

Babies born by CS are more likely to have breathing problems as the fluid is not squeezed from their lungs by being squeezed during birth. This is what resulted in ds2's stay in NiCU. The equipment is scary, but he was breathing fine after a few hours. Discuss with your birth partner what you want to happen if baby is whisked away like this. We decided DH would stay with baby and go with him to NiCU.

Get your bowels nice and ready to go pre OP so your first poo is easy. I'd recommend a gentle laxative ASAP after the op, like movicol.

If you feel crap during the op tell your anaesthetist. They'll give you stuff if you feel sick or shakey or faint. I get very nervous and shakey, but this goes the second the baby comes out!

Emsyboo Sat 23-Feb-13 17:12:22

I have a sling sorted as I loved it with DS not sure I can sort music from hospital it's hard enough coordinating clothes lol
I am on iron tablets for the bleeding do already getting lactolaise been recommended arnica tablets anyone taken them?
My mum and mil have both offered to help the week after with DS but after over 2 weeks in hospital DS will need lots of sofa cuddles! Having them around should help with lifting DS.
I have asked to speak to the anaesthetist before to try to put my mind at rest.

Emsyboo Sat 23-Feb-13 17:13:15

Good advice also bonzo on deciding what to do if baby needs to go to SCBU

atrcts Sat 23-Feb-13 20:18:12

What sling is everyone talking about?!!

kitkatsz23 Mon 25-Feb-13 11:53:27

Emsyboo, just wanted to wish you good luck for Thursday!! I'll be thinking of you all advice here I'm afraid as this is all ahead of me with DC1. As I understand you are in hospital already as the bleeds reoccurred? I've read somewhere here that spraying savlon on the scar when taking a shower helps to avoid infections.

Emsyboo Tue 26-Feb-13 07:03:39

Thanks kitkat staying in hospital till the ELCS but not long to go have also been recommended arnica tablets which the midwife agreed with to take after

bonzo77 Tue 26-Feb-13 13:43:22

I've never used arnica and never put anything on the scar until totally healed. Healed really well both times. Once you are allowed to get it wet (I think after 48 hrs) just rinse with plain water and pat dry with a non fluffy towel or allow to air dry. Once the stitches are out on day 5 you can wash a bit more thoroughly, though I left it alone for a couple of weeks. By that stage you get a bit of dry skin build up which you can rub away with a towel when you dry off. At this stage I started using bio oil on it. 12 weeks after my 2nd CS there's almost nothing to see, just a thin red line.

csectionmum Wed 27-Feb-13 20:12:57


I found ELCS the easiest birth following complications of previous birth. I was however nervous beforehand and used natal hypnotherapy for nerves.
I found the best part was my husband singing to me as they did the spinal - it made me relaxed and also made me giggle (well it was a school french song!)
It is the birth of your special baby - all births of special - go ahead and enjoy it.
I found the baby blues quite hard a few days after - and wish I had c-section specific underwear - as i only had granny panties and these were depressing. You feel teary enough - without needing to feel like you were wearing someone else's underwear.

sweetieaddict Wed 27-Feb-13 22:55:38

Hi csection mum,

What's the c-section specific underwear you mention?

kitkatsz23 Thu 28-Feb-13 14:57:43

sweetieaddict I was looking at these c-section underwear:

Thinking of you Emsyboo!

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