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VBA2C vs. 3rd section

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Tranquilitybaby Tue 12-Feb-13 22:52:10

Apart from the risk of rupture (which I know is a tiny risk), are there any cons to opting for a VBA2C over an elective section?

Not even TTC yet but I suffer from health anxiety so want to look into my options before deciding it's right for us.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


fruitpastille Tue 12-Feb-13 23:02:21

I'm interested in this too - my VBAC failed to progress (waters broke but labour didn't get going so I was induced but not very successfully). We are also considering TTC. Both my sections were pretty straightforward and I assumed I would be strongly advised to have another. My understanding is that the risk of rupture is something like 0.5%?? but the consequences can be very serious as they don't always realise that it has happened until it's too late.

peanutdream Wed 13-Feb-13 21:27:56

A multivariable analysis of the NICHD study showed that there was no significant difference in the
rates of uterine rupture in VBAC with two or more previous caesarean births (9/975, 92/10,000)
compared with a single previous caesarean birth (115/16,915, 68/10,000).
However, the rates of
hysterectomy (60/10,000 compared with 20/10,000) and transfusion (3.2% compared with 1.6%)
were increased in the former group.
These findings concur with other observational studies,
which, overall, have shown similar rates of VBAC success with two previous caesarean births (VBAC
success rates of 62–75%) and single prior caesarean birth.
Therefore, provided that the woman
has been fully informed by a consultant obstetrician of these increased risks and a comprehensive
individualised risk analysis has been undertaken of the indication for and the nature of the previous
caesarean sections, then planned VBAC may be supported in women with two previous low
transverse caesarean births.

this is from here - - if u can wade through it, it is very useful!

fruitpastille Thu 14-Feb-13 22:37:38

That is extremely informative! Thank you. Something to think about if we manage to conceive.

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