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Velamentous inserted cord.... Anyone experienced this?

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Babybano Mon 11-Feb-13 17:48:58

My local doctor found in the ultrasound that i have a placenta anterior with velamentous cord insertion. I also have some echogenic flakes in the amniotic fluid and sub chorionic hematoma in lower segment below the placental edge. She said not to worry as the baby is growing fine and currently weighs 8oz at the end of the 17 weeks. However i have had brown discharge earlier on which has since stopped and keeping in mind all of the above she did mention that I might be a case for a C-section. Any ladies out there who had similar experience or who have any advice?

mmmmsleep Tue 12-Feb-13 00:10:22

I think you probably need to talk in more detail about these findings with your obstetrician both re rest of pregnancy and birth.

I had an undiagnosed velementous cord with ds. Was em section in the end and it was short cord too. They said they were glad he was born via cs as could have been complications if vb. I'm not saying complications always happen but they looked very carefully on scans this time and i would have booked cs if was present again... But i'm paranoid after last time and really your obstetrician (consultant) is better placed to give you all the facts.

Best of luck for a worry free pregnancy. I was told clot behind placenta at 19 weeks on scan...when repeated they said was an artefact on first scan and not true.

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