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Lister Hospital

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sweetieaddict Mon 11-Feb-13 12:22:38

Hi Spellcheck,

Congratulations on your new arrival - hope you are enjoying him/her loads.

Thanks for all the information - you've really put my mind at rest. Funnily enough I was looking at one of those amenity rooms for a couple of nights and quite prepared to justify the expense for rest, peace, privacy etc!

On our tour they stipulated that it isn't possible to stay in one of the private rooms on the first night as the emergency pull cord is too far from the bed for you to reach, but if all is well, they are happy to let you move on the second night.

So happy to read about the breastfeeding too as sadly didn't get any help with ds and was encouraged to put him straight onto bottle, then it was a real battle to get him re-established onto breast so after some pitiful attempts at combination feeding I gave up and bottle fed.

Congratulations again and thanks for the reply.

Spellcheck Sun 10-Feb-13 22:32:14

Am at home with my lovely baby 4 days after an ELCS at Lister. The Consultant unit was fab, i had to have several growth scans and there were a few issues that they were so helpful and wonderful with, i couldn't fault the antenatal care.

So, on Weds this week, we strolled in to Lister and from the start everyone was caring, friendly and helpful. DP nearly fainted when they were injecting the epidural and spinal block (3rd C-section, likely to take longer) and he had lots of support. Unfortunately, there were loads of very unusual complications that no-one could have predicted, and instead of a disaster the staff (and there were loads) kept their heads and resolved them all calmy and professionally, and they actually saved my life. I spent a night in recovery, where they made me cry with their kindness, and when up on the ward I saw them give a lot of help to a girl in the opposite bed who was struggling to breastfeed. She was allowed to stay until it was established and they spent ages helping her.

I would recommend paying the £150 per night on an en-suite side room if they have one. If the procedure doesn't go well they won't let you have one, however. I found the ward very cramped and noisy.

Ultimately, four days in I am in virtually no pain from my scar, which is the neatest I've ever had, I have stopped bleeding, and we are safe and healthy. The care in that place is the best out of the four places I have had my DC in. Good luck!

sweetieaddict Thu 07-Feb-13 13:29:28

Thanks honey, it looks lovely after the refurb, so shiny and new but I wanted some info on care and establishing b'feeding after the birth.

Can't find that much on it really, but am impressed so far, fingers crossed all goes well.

honey86 Wed 06-Feb-13 23:59:53

i had a woman consultant when i had dd and i was taken ill. she was amazin to me, soo supportive x

honey86 Wed 06-Feb-13 23:55:58

i had all 3 of mine there, but since i had my dd its all been refurbished x

sweetieaddict Wed 06-Feb-13 22:23:58

Does anyone have any experiences, particularly of the consultant led unit at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage?

I'll probably be booking in for an ELCS in the coming weeks <nervous>

Thank you

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