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Recent experiences in Lindo wing or portland

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newmum2bee Tue 05-Feb-13 17:25:25

I am making a final decision between the Lindo wing and portland and was wondering if anyone have had any recent experience they can share.

I have found many old threads but would be particularly interested in reviews on the anaesthetist and paediatrician care particularly at the Lindo as understand they are based in St Marys hospital rather than at the Lindo wing itself. The anaesthetists are not there 24 hours and are called in from St Marys hospital when required and am a little concerned as to how efficient this service is if they are covering both the private and public wing.


Teapot13 Fri 08-Feb-13 20:24:52

I haven't given birth at the Portland so I can't compare, but it has been lovely for another outpatient surgery. I decided against the Portland with DC1 because they just don't have the facilities of a major NHS hospital if something goes wrong. (I have also heard that there is not a full consultant overnight at the Portland as a matter of routine, but I just heard this from another woman who was choosing not to give birth there.) I didn't think any doctors were completely based at the Portland -- I think of it as just a little moneymaker for doctors with full-time NHS jobs.

Our DD didn't have any issues, really, so we didn't see much of the pediatricians at the Lindo wing. She had a little exam when she was born, then a more comprehensive one the next day, and they checked her once more when we were leaving. The doctor just came around as a matter of routine -- can't say what would have happened if there had been an emergency.

Now, with regard to the anaesthetist, I had an ELCS so he was there by appointment. If you book at the Lindo wing, you will have to pay a separate £1200 anaesthetist fee, part of which is to ensure availability. So they better be damn sure to be available, in my opinion!

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