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Anyone out there who can help me make a decision about my breech twin birth?

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ShesADreamer Mon 04-Feb-13 17:19:49

Am 35 weeks with twins, twin1 is breech, twin2 vertex.

When it became apparent that twin1 had flipped to breech last week, I was told I needed to be booked in for a CS at 36 weeks. Queried this and we are now waiting till 39 weeks.

With 2 children at home I am very keen to avoid a CS. Both my previous pregs and births have been natural and trouble free. This preg has also been very healthy (both myself and the babies). They are fraternal twins with separate sacs and placentas.

I am happy to be prepped for a CS, monitored and have a mobile epidural so, if things go wrong, we can go to a necessary section straight away. I am very grateful for the advances in medicine which allow women and babies to have these options in childbirth but am wondering how necessary it is for me to be having a planned section.
Is it unreasonable of me to ask to be allowed to try and labour naturally with precautions in place should issues arise?
While both babies are predicted to be healthy weights, they will still be smaller than either of my singletons.

Many thanks in advance for anyone who can shed some light on this for me!

ChimperRimper Mon 11-Feb-13 15:07:40

Fab news that twin 1 has turned. Yippee! Fingers crossed that they stay that way!
I am surprised your consultant wants you in theatre if twin 1 stays head down. This wasn't ever mentioned to me. They wanted an epidural in "just in case" and cannulas in pretty early doors (again just in case). I managed to stay standing up swaying around until they put the epidural in (just before twin 1 started crowning so all in all a pointless and horrible experience). Good thing was though that I could feel everything to deliver both babies - made the ICV a bit ouch though. Had twin 1 on my back and twin 2 in lithotomy position (she came out right foot first after refusing to be turned!). I too was really uncomfy on my back - made me all lightheaded. The breech delivery was the weirdest feeling in the world - she was pulled out by her feet and the sensation of delivering her head without anything following it is not something I could ever describe. She was totally perfect when she came out though - not squished at all.
Good luck - you are arming yourself with so much knowledge that you'll be able to understand why things are happening/ question appropriately. Please keep us posted.

Chigertick Mon 11-Feb-13 23:12:30

Hi - I'll try and answer your questions!
These are my first (and probably only) children so no comparison unfortunately.

You are so right in saying my head was spinning - I was also just a teeny bit high in gas and air!! I then developed a reeeeaaalllly high bp post delivery and was on all sorts of medication and not allowed to get up / was on lots of drips which was ironic as they'd not been needed for the actual birth!!

I was monitored throughout but one of the midwives was a twin mum and she was very encouraging of me just doing my own thing. So I just stayed on my knees kneeling up over the back of the bed.

I'd had severe SPD - signed off work from 24 weeks so was keen not to be on my back. But had come to accept in my head that it would probably have to be so - also as I had gestational diabetes. But they weren't worried about that - guess labour wasn't long enough!

I'd actually already had a meeting with the anaethetist re siting the epidural for my planned CS at 37 weeks due to previous back problems, the spd and allergies.

They'd put me in a hospital gown when they discovered I was already 4/5 cm because they all thought I'd be off to theatre for a CS. But as I said there were none free - so I must have been a lovely sight to all those people wandering in and out - the first thing they saw was my bum!!

They put in lines for everything - and the anaethetist was popping in and out - I think he felt a bit left out smile

DT2 was only 3lb5 compared to her brother 5lb3 I rather imagined her just falling down into the empty space as she was so tiny! They did give me oxytocin to restart contractions - which is a whole other story- and the consultant had a bit of a rummage shock I think because they were premature they were keen to get her out and also avoid the cord coming first.

At our follow up appointment they told us they were actually considering prepping the delivery room for a CS - and with the obstetrician, midwives, anaethetist,pediatricians, SCBU nurses and my husband there probably couldn't have been anyone else in a theatre anyway who wasn't present in that room!! smile

Babies were fine - I'd had a bleed at 30 weeks and was given steroids at that point to mature their lungs so they had only to feed and grow!

Came home 3 weeks later being tube fed and trying (and sadly failing) to establish breast feeding. Although they were breast fed and topped up through their tubes with EBM and formula for 11 weeks.

Gosh this has turned into a real missive - hope some of it is helpful to you.

Glad your DT1 has turned head down - fingers crossed for a cooperative DT2 and that your delivery goes well with an understanding and supportive team grin

temporary Tue 12-Feb-13 14:53:58

I had a birth plan agreed where I was going to use the pool in the first stage and get out for 20 minutes of cfm every 2 hours. (T1 was vertex, T2 was breech).
I also said I only wanted my main carers in the room - anyone just waiting was to wait outside.
Just saying, so you know that being strapped on your back to monitors isn't a foregone conclusion with twins.

In the event, I was accidentally 10cms when I went in, in an ambulance, so the birth plan was immaterial pretty much.

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