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Any recent experiences at Lindo Wing ?

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Needchoco Mon 05-May-14 17:24:10

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henrie Wed 29-May-13 11:57:28

just thought Id drop back in to say I gave birth by elcs at the Lindo in March and had a wonderful experience there. Care was fantastic, every time I pressed my call bell someone was there in seconds and I had loads of support, help and advice. I am just so glad I chose to go there in the was good too.
I travelled from the north, stayed at the Hilton hotel a few mins from there for the few days before the op- found a fantastic cheap rate on lastminute secret hotels. travelled to Somerset by car 3 days after the op and was fine even tho had worried about a journey so soon afterwards.
really recommend if anyone is considering.

henrie Thu 14-Feb-13 19:57:45

I'm just two days ahead of you ! So yes maybe see you theresmile I think consultant will send me in at around 38 and a half weeks and will be there for around 4 days. Good luck with everything!
QTPie will report back and let you know how it is !

Teapot13 Thu 14-Feb-13 14:55:07

Sounds like you are all organized!

I am 35+2 so we are almost at exactly the same point -- maybe we'll be there at the same time. Good luck!

henrie Thu 14-Feb-13 13:55:29

I am already nearly 36 weeks and originally visited London back in mid December to meet with a consultant. He agreed to take me on from 36 weeks and I would have my antenatal care back up north to save the travelling.

I also had been told my the local midwife here that they would not tell me if I could have a c section or not until 36 weeks and that was really worrying me as I am in my late 40s and it is a first baby so wanted to have something sorted out even if it meant travelling.
After I met with the consultant in Dec I visited both The Portland and The Lindo and to be honest liked the look of the Portland better , but DH was adamant that I would be better off in a ward right next to a big hospital in case of any complications.
The Lindo has obviously been refurbished as everything was sparkly brand new and that was lovely, especially the bathroom. However I could not enjoy the tour as I felt like I was about to pass out from being overheated and stuffy so just wanted to get away asap! They showed us large armchairs which they said are like business class seats on a plane that recline but don't lie flat for the partners to sleep on.

Since then the NHS have agreed to give me a c section after being referred to a consultant, and was under the impression he would be doing it, however after further discussion was told he would be around the area and I could find him and ask him to do it when I come in that morning but they can't guarantee it!
So now am booked into the Lindo and facing all the hassle of the travelling which is now seeming more daunting as I am in the later stages, but feel somehow safer with a more experienced person that I have already met doing my op, and also having a private room and some help afterwards rather than a ward and being discharged after two days.
thanks for all your input everyone as I have been stressing about things so much!

Teapot13 Thu 14-Feb-13 04:18:55

Well, there has been a massive renovation since I had DD in 2009, so I don't know about air conditioning. I don't remember feeling too hot, though.

My DH went home to sleep -- we live 10 minutes away, so there wasn't any reason for him to stay over.

Have you booked with a consultant then? Most of them fill up in advance. (Both times I have booked in first trimester.) No personal experience but I have heard (on MN) you can just book a section at UCH -- that might be less expensive than paying for consultant-led care throughout the pregnancy.

QTPie Wed 13-Feb-13 23:00:28


Can't help with Lindo Wing (am keeping an eye on this that if lucky enough to conceive DC2 - DS was born at John and Lizzies, now closed), but... Wanted to say that most maternity units do tend to be too hot (and feel stuffy): they are kept this way for the newborn babies. John and Lizzies was also sweltering too, plus I had the post-CS night sweats... Very hot!

At John and Lizzies, the first night was in a "recovery" room (with single hospital bed): DH was given a fold out bed on the floor - not luxury, but fine. Would expect Lindo to be similar, but let me know when you find out.


henrie Wed 13-Feb-13 22:19:01

Thanks so much Teapot! I think I am going to go there as I am having a c section and can have a consultant do it there whereas at the local NHS they told me it is whoever is there on the day, and although there will be a consultant around there is no guarantee he will do it and more likely to be one of the more junior doctors. I just feel in safer hands with a very experienced consultant and scared of the idea of a 'junior' doctor even if they are probably very good!
Did you have air conditioning in the rooms as I noticed it was extremely hot and stuffy in there and windows don't open. Did your DH have to sleep in one of those reclining chairs they have and was it comfy? I expect to be in for around 4 days for an elective c section so wondering how it will be for him 4 days in a chair.
thanks so much for your replies!

Teapot13 Sun 10-Feb-13 08:55:16

Lindo Wing is lovely -- staff are attentive, food is fine, you get all the attention you need. You can do whatever you want birth-wise, and there is a nursery for the baby if you want to sleep. They bring the baby when it wakes to feed, or a minimum of every 3 hours.

Your consultant will probably order some tests that aren't done routinely on the NHS. Also, you probably get a lot more choice about antenatal appointments with a private consultant. I got more scans -- my consultant had a little ultrasound machine in his rooms and I could see the baby every time.

It was important to me to be in an NHS hospital (as opposed to say the Portland) in case things go wrong. Also, the money they make goes to the trust. (I think the Portland may belong to private equity investors, so profits go to shareholders. I am not sure about this, though.)

I have to say, we have private insurance that covers just about everything, and I am not sure it would be worth the money for me if I had to pay myself. I think this is going to run easily £14,000, plus all the little private lab fees and scans throughout the pregnancy. The things I have described are more or less luxuries. I am doing things the same in this pregnancy because it worked last time and it's what I know -- same doctor, same hospital, probably even repeat ELCS although it might not be strictly necessary. (I have to say I am glad I can just choose between VBAC and ELCS without having to justify myself, but not sure it's worth £14,000.)

In my experience, you do things privately for convenience and comfort. I don't think I would have got worse care on the NHS.

henrie Sat 09-Feb-13 22:45:38

Hi Teapot, could you tell me what in particular you thought was good about it? Am trying to decide between Lindo or NHS Liverpool womens hospital but will have to self pay at the Lindo so not an easy choice!
When I visited for a tour it looked nice and clean and comfy but was so incredibly hot inside that I had to rush off without taking enough time to look around more and chat to the midwives.
thanks smile

Teapot13 Thu 07-Feb-13 21:53:49

I had DD there about 3 years ago and am booked to have DC2 in early March.

I haven't seen it since the renovation -- I'm assuming it will just be a nicer
facility with the same staff, care, etc. Obviously I liked it or I wouldn't be going back!

henrie Thu 07-Feb-13 01:14:18


SquashNutButter Sun 03-Feb-13 21:16:42

bump! interested in any answers too

henrie Sat 02-Feb-13 23:08:03

am booked into Lindo wing for ELCS and just wondering if anyone has been there recently? thanks!!

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