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Scar question for those who have had c-sections

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MooLL Thu 31-Jan-13 11:22:28

Hi - a quick question on c-sections scars ... I had a emergency C around 3 years ago when my DD was born, and am booked in for a ELCS in May for DC2. I will be buying my poloneck massive cotton knickers as per last time, however was looking online and saw advertised silicone scar strips that are meant to help with rubbing and also help get your scar healed quicker. I didnt use anything the first time, but did often rub my scar making it take longer to heal ... so I am quite attracted to this as an idea, but is it any good?!?. .. many thanks in advance! Also anything else you suggest as a c sectioner to make hospital stay better? .. last time due to the emergency nature of everything I didnt even have a maternity bag packed let alone things to make life a little nicer after surgery

Colliewollydoodle Thu 31-Jan-13 12:06:27

I had my last c section 17 years ago so scar strips weren't around, but what I can really recommend especially as you know you date for section, is Arnica tablets. Start taking them 2 days before hand and carry on afterwards, try and make it the first thing you take after opp. I had two c sections so can compare and healed much faster with arnica. Good luck.

SunnyUpNorth Thu 31-Jan-13 14:24:06

[ this] thread might be useful.

I had a section first time and looked into those strips but I think a lot of the reviews I read said they didn't work.

I just rubbed bio oil into mine, but actually two years on its still pretty red. Apparently vitamin e oil is very good. I have also heard that sticking a maternity towel/padded sanitary towel inside your pants/trousers against the scar is good to prevent rubbing it at first with seams etc.
Good luck!

Tinyflutterby Thu 31-Jan-13 14:39:00

I had a c-section 18 months ago and I brought extra pillows in with me as the hospital ones were really thin, this helped get into a more comfortable position. Havn't heard of the scar strips, but I seem to have healed pretty well and can barely see the scar now, think it was down to wearing big high-waisted knickers (attractive) and my maternity jeans with the stretchy top, so that nothing rubbed against the scar. I've heard arnica is good too and think you can get it in a cream form to rub on? Good idea about the towel too.

MyNameIsAlexDrake Thu 31-Jan-13 23:32:51

I had a c-section last July and once the dressing came off on day 2 I used a maternity pad on the scar fixed in place with huge knickers. The pad didn't actually do anything but it made me feel reassured that nothing was weeping and provided extra padding. I kept the pads on the scar for a couple of weeks. I healed well with no complications.

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