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Anyone else waiting for labour?!

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hugahuddy Thu 31-Jan-13 08:37:05

I'm 39+4 with first baby and am poised waiting for labour to kick in any time this week or next week. Just wondered if anyone else was foot taping waiting for their bundle of joy to fill the crib?!! confused
Also any thoughts on whether swimming still ok?! Am trying to keep busy but would hate for waters to break in a public pool shock

GreenOlives Sun 17-Feb-13 07:40:04

Pickled That's great news, congratulations! thanks grin And glad to hear that Barry is behaving too! wink Can't believe how close you were to delivering at home/in the car - that really was cutting it fine!

Ribbon Sounds to me like things are gearing up, im sure it won't be long now!

Im excited about having my first sweep tomorrow [saddo emotion] I so hope it does something useful! Im spending most of the weekend batch cooking so the freezer is full of home cooked food ready for when little one puts in an appearance!

NAR4 Sun 17-Feb-13 11:42:22

Congratulations Pickled.

Sounds like you will be in established labour soon Ribbon.

clarelou13 Sun 17-Feb-13 14:51:36

Congratulations Pickled and Cupcake
Still waiting here, had mild contractions all friday night and yesterday, woke up this morning thinking today will be the day and.... Nothing!! Not even a single cramp sad Seeing the midwife on Tuesday so think I will ask for a sweep.
Going to go climb on my space hopper (birthing ball replacement) for a bounce now.

CackleALot Sun 17-Feb-13 15:43:02

Congratulations pickled! thanks

Good luck Ribbon, hope things start moving faster for you soon.

39 weeks today...all quiet. Due to see consultant a week tomorrow re plans for elcs if no vbac before. Not due to see MW again, but wondering if I should ask to see her this week as baby was lying oblique last week, thinking I'd like her to check baby's position to see if he/she has moved?

I wonder who will be next! grin

mmmmsleep Sun 17-Feb-13 23:07:46

Congratulations pickled!
Nothing here except the endless runs of braxton hicks...although on a positive note the house has never been so clean and the charity shop is getting a load tomorrow after some high energy nesting. My poor toddler is now very good at helping mummy clean. So grateful that he still has pm naps though...don't feel i could do without them!
Got tested for gbs privately using the more sensitive test than we get on nhs and got text today that all clear...means i will have to do battle as hospital policy will want me to have antibiotics in this labour as was positive last time but won't be now i know all clear and read gbs website info.quite a relief after problems we had last time due to lots of antibiotics.

Good luck to all you ladies in waiting...hope for lots more lovely quick births very soon

LimeLeafLizard Mon 18-Feb-13 10:22:22

Just a quick update... DD arrived on Saturday lunchtime. I was induced on Friday and was a little slow to get going but very fast once it did, and ended in a waterbirth which was a first for me.

She's lovely! But I had forgotten how I'd feel afterwards! (like I've been in a fight!)

Congratulations to Pickled and Count and cupcake and anyone else I've missed! Lots of babies now...

hope those of you still waiting have your lovely little ones very soon.
NAR good luck... do you have IOL date booked?

GreenOlives Mon 18-Feb-13 11:24:27

Congratulations LLL! grin I didn't realise you'd be able to have a water birth with induction as I know they love to monitor when inducing! Enjoy DD and I hope the feeling of being in a fight wears off quickly! grin
Im just waiting for the midwife to call for my first stretch and sweep! Could be a long wait as she couldn't give me a time so could be anytime between 9-5!

bopfactory Mon 18-Feb-13 11:34:17

Hello all, a quick update - never made my sweep appointment on Friday morning as DD arrived at 1.38am after a pretty short straightforward labour! Was fully expecting a boy so still slightly in shock! But couldn't be happier, we have two of each now so I feel very clever smile
Good luck everyone who's still waiting and congratulations to those who are already snuggling their newborns!

bangersmashandbeans Mon 18-Feb-13 11:44:53

Congrats LLL and bop! Glad all is well. I'm 9 days in and still feel like I've been in a fight/hit by a train! Just trying to make it through the first two weeks and hope I start to feel more normal and can cry a little less!! Come and join us in the feb post natal group once you've all had your babies! There's only a few of us there as most are on Facebook so it's quite easy to keep track of which is nice!

CackleALot Mon 18-Feb-13 15:38:52

Congratulations Bop and LLL! thanks

I'm having an uncomfortable day today - not able to walk very far and bump feels unusually heavy. Getting aches below bump and in lower back but not sure if due to trapped wind blush spd , piles or is this early labour?

I haven't had show yet and no sign of waters. With DS I had no warning - he came 5 days early, waters broke unexpectedly then contractions started straight after, no show with him either

bangersmashandbeans Mon 18-Feb-13 15:43:03

Fingers crossed for you Cackle! Keep us posted!

NAR4 Tue 19-Feb-13 08:54:02

Congrastulations Limeleaf and bop. Nice to hear you got the water birth Lime despite being induced.

No induction booked for me yet, will be booked in tomorrow morning and will be trying a 2nd sweep.

Went on a 4 hour clothes shopping trip with my DCs yesterday (they keep growing sooooo fast) and had hoped that might do something. It did, it wore me out!

So much for my midwife saying she thought I would have the baby in the next couple of days (last Thursday). Should know better by now.

Wiggy29 Tue 19-Feb-13 09:13:49

I started a thread about this on pregnancy, not realising this one was here.

Congratulations Limeleaf, I remember you from my ttc thread! grin

I'm due Thursday and after feeling great for the past few weeks, the past two nights I've found I'm very uncomfortable from about nine onwards, really bad backache, strong period type pain/ braxton hicks and sharp pains where it feels like the little one is twanging my insides/ trying to scratch their way out! This all disappears by the morning when I generally feel grand again!

It's half term so trying to just enjoy time with dc1 and not do too much each day as don't want to be exhausted if labour starts late at night (as did with dc1).

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