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38+3 baby has possibly moved into breech position

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Cupcakemummy85 Wed 30-Jan-13 20:52:46

I'm 38w+3, my midwife has booked me in for a scan tomorrow as she thinks my baby has moved into the breech position last minute. What happens if the baby is breech. I was in a bit of shock and didnt really think to ask.

MammytoM Wed 30-Jan-13 21:01:37

They can try to turn the baby after sedating you a little but I'm not sure when they can attempt this up until. Not sure if there would be enough room to attempt this at 38w. My baby was breech but the midwife didn't know until I was 6cm dilated so I was rushed to hospital for an emergency c section

MrsHBaby3 Thu 31-Jan-13 13:36:18

Try squats, sitting with legs open, massaging baby, theres also a site called SpinningBabies which I would highly recommend!

stowsettler Thu 31-Jan-13 19:49:30

My hypnobirthing tutor, who's also a retired midwife, told me that if this happens I can also try kneeling on the sofa and then (very carefully) lowering my arms to the floor and resting on my elbows - so my arse and bump are miles higher than my chest.
Good luck with it, hope the scan shows your midwife was wrong!

Cupcakemummy85 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:58:28

Midwife was wrong. Baby is head down. Yay! Now to get through birth. Oh god I'm scared an I watched one born every minute which scared me even more. Why did I do that?! Lol it's my second baby an I think I'm more scared this time round lol

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