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I have another CS question; anyone who isn't sick of my questions give advice?

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Pinkflipflop Mon 28-Jan-13 15:59:04

It's ridiculous but I feel like I'm being a real nuisance on mumsnet with all my questions.

I posted another thread about how my baby is currently breech and I scheduled for a CS - which I am happy about.

However if baby turns, they said they won't go ahead.

But, what happens if it turns and then turns again? I will go into labour with baby in breech position and have to have an emergency section, want I? My hospital doesn't do normal births when baby is breech.

Although I want a CS, I don't want an emergency one and I want to know and plan for what will happen but I can't.

This is driving me crazy, can anyone help?

MammytoM Mon 28-Jan-13 16:13:21

They should scan you in the run up to the planned c section to check baby's position. Will definitely do it before the section. Baby shouldn't have too much room for turning towards the end so may not turn again. My DS was breech but midwife didn't know til I was 6cm so had to have emcs. Really wanted natural birth sad

PacificDogwood Mon 28-Jan-13 16:15:47

Yes, they are likely to scan you again.

FWIW, I had an emCS for placenta praevia and bleeding and it was fine. The decision was made @ 6am, DS2 delivered 2pm, so no mad panic or anything.
Of course there is no way of knowing what would happen in your case, but I am just saying not every emCS is a bad experience. A 'crash' section is a bit more scary, but not likely in a breech scenaria AFAIK.

Anja1Cam Mon 28-Jan-13 16:21:25


please don't worry about things that you have so little control over - sorry I have not read your previous Qs so apologies for any repetition.

Baby turning - chances are once it does it's going to find it very hard to turn back, after all space is limited and 'head down' is actually a better fit ;-) I suspect.

Emergency CS: well I had TWO emergency CSs. First one was not as 'emergency', the doctor advised us it would be better (it'd been in labour for 12 hours and baby's heart was showing the strain) and there was plenty of time for epidural, I was conscious and DH was present to hold DD1 and pass her to me. Second one was a bit more hairy but we always knew it was a possibility. In that case DD2 was born in about 10mins from the decision being made, no discussion, I had been labouring for a few of hours and they whisked me into theatre and I had to have a GA so DH got to meet DD2 first.

This is the thing about childbirth - you make PLANS, you have ideas and hopes but a lot of the time it may not be quite like you imagined it. But that doesn't mean it's any worse or better. So in your case you know there is a realistic chance of a CS, in fact at the moment you are sure. But there are no certainties, and you should keep an open mind towards all scenarios. In fact your baby may turn, you labour normally and then something happens that necessitates a CS anyway. At least you have already thought through the whole scenario.

In my case, the first it came quite unexpected, but it was not the end of the world. You need to keep an open mind and bear in mind that your hospital will generally chose what's best for you and baby. And believe me, given the choice I'd rather not have major surgery (even though it went absolutely fine in my case) so let's hope baby turns!

Good luck you will be fine!

WillowB Mon 28-Jan-13 20:52:01

Even if you we're having a natural birth there would be no guarantee that you wouldn't need an emcs unfortunately. In some ways you are probably in a better position in terms of what will probably happen than most as you know it's highly likely you'll be having a section rather than natural birth/ventouse/episiotomy/forceps/emcs etc!
For what it's worth, I'd planned a natural birth & ended up with crash c section. The circumstances leading to the c section were scary but the section itself was fine. Up and about the next day & just took paracetamol. Was driving after 2 weeks. I think some of the some of the reports of a longer recovery time after emcs are because women have often been labouring for a long time. Only downside was I wanted to bf & my milk didn't come in till day 5 but I think that could happen whether it was emcs or elcs

elizaregina Mon 28-Jan-13 22:23:42

I dont understand how it works at all my baby turned all the time - right before the op she was at the top of my stomach and two hours later was normal ?

Midwifeandmum Tue 29-Jan-13 15:50:07

Hey, Have they tried turning the baby (ECV)? You will see ur midwife each wk before u go into labour. The m/w will check (without scans) which way baby is lying as normal. But if the m/w has any concerns which way baby is lying - u'll be refered to hosp for scan.

Ive had 2 em/sections, dd1 drop in heart rate during labour, dd2 - aph due to placenta previa grade 4. Both were performed under a GA.

Best of luck xx

gasman Tue 29-Jan-13 16:03:54

There are emergency sections though and emergency sections.

Someone presenting in labour with a breech baby is an emergency (as it cannot be scheduled). However this is very different to someone who presents with a baby in acute distress.

In the former situation it will be very like a totally scheduled section unless you present in very advanced labour. Spinal anaesthesia. Plenty of time to ask questions. Relaxed theatre team.

I did the anaesthetic for one of these recently and it was lovely. The only real appreciable difference from a 'true' elective section was that it all took place at 3am. If anything it meant they got longer together as a family in recovery to bond before the trip to the less personal environment of the postnatal ward.

Midwifeandmum Tue 29-Jan-13 16:21:43

If u presented in labour, it wouldnt be an emergency or even an urgent c/s. It would be organised ( not really elective). But theatre will be all prepared for you - thats there job so no need to worry. If this is ur first baby then ur not going to give birth imminently (hopefully) lol. So plenty of time to get organised

Just enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy without worry - all will be in hand lol.

Best of luck
Zoe xx

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