Is this it?

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EmpireBiscuit Mon 28-Jan-13 08:39:52

If you're the certain someone who knows me in RL then shhhhhh...

Ive been having, what I think are, contractions since I woke at half 5 this morning. Period cramp type tightenings across my lower abdoman? They are coming every 7-10mins and lasting around 60secs. This is mingled in with a UTI, slight constipation and piles so I'm slightly confused and have generally been sore in this area since yesterday.

No show or waters but increase in thick mucusy discharge.

I'm due to be induced today - do I just play it by ear and go in at scheduled time or phone up the assessment unit?

FurryFox Tue 29-Jan-13 10:15:05

Well done and congratulations smile

Reaa Tue 29-Jan-13 10:18:45

Congrats smile

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