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Booked in for a section; baby is breech - a few questions please?

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Weightlessbaby Fri 25-Jan-13 23:59:57

I had an ELCS but like QT my DD was potentially dangerous footling breech.
My experience may be very different but after v painful failed ECV I'm pretty certain I'd have known if DD had turned (I assume you haven't had any attempts at turning?) Anyway, point is, I suspect you may know if a nearly full term baby does turn.

Like others have said, if you do go into labour before CS date go straight to hospital; as far as I'm aware an 'EM'CS can happen quite far into labour.

[Although as a subscript on breech babies they only categorically discovered my DD was footling when she stuck a foot out of my CS incision! US scans at full term are not that accurate-feet/hands etc look the same]

Good luck anyway-sur you'll be fine smile

GingerJulep Fri 25-Jan-13 22:21:13

You can of course avoid an EMCS by just having the baby naturally breech. Obviously there are pros and cons to that but you might want to read up/discuss with your midwife if you haven't already ruled it out for another reason.

I suspect that I'd aim for that... but haven't got there yet!

missnevermind Fri 25-Jan-13 06:11:12

I was booked in for elective section as my DD was breech, we had to be at the hospital for 7 and on the bed all day. I was checked when I arrived and baby was still breech.
With one thing and another I did not get my go until 5pm, was checked again and the baby had turned.
I cried and pleaded with them to do the CS anyway as I was sure she would turn again but they refused and sent us home. They also put me on daily obs.

She did not turn again, but I had an emergency CS for different reasons a week and a half later.
The CS as not traumatic or rushed and I believe to me it did not feel much different to an elective would have done.

C0smos Fri 25-Jan-13 04:53:33

Hi my baby was transverse, so I knew I would be having a cs. My waters broke at 34 weeks and I went to the hospital. I had the cs a few hours later, contractions were just starting, it didn't feel like an emergency at all despite it being 11pm on a Saturday night, all went very smoothly and calmly, please don't panic.

QTPie Fri 25-Jan-13 04:48:52

If you are "head down" when they scan the morning of the operation, then turn breech again afterwards, you would then be scheduled for an ELCS at the earliest opportunity.

If you go into labour before your planned section, them contact your hospital straight away: they should get you to go in and will give you a CSan the earliest opportunity. Technically it will be an "EMCS" (because it was not at the planned time), BUT - assuming that they can get you into theatre quickly in early labour (and you are not progressing really quickly) - it should be in no way rushed and very much more like an ELCS. Don't delay - if you think that you are in labour, phone the hospital and arrange to go straight it.

What type of breech are you? My DS was Footling breech and that it one of the more dangerous (if you go into labour before ELCS) - because of risk of cord prolapse.


Pinkflipflop Fri 25-Jan-13 04:13:33

I'm booked in for a section next week as my baby has turned breech. They said that they will check on the day of the section to see if baby is still breech before proceeding with the op. I just wondered if he turns head down before the section but then turns again what would happen?

Is there a possibility that I could go into natural labour with the baby in a breech position? Does this mean I would need an emergency section?

I know that a section is major surgery but I really want to avoid an emergency c section.

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