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ELCS between 36 & 37 weeks

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Ellypoo Thu 24-Jan-13 16:08:42

Thanks mumof missy - that's really helpful smile

MumOfMissy Thu 24-Jan-13 03:22:35

Assuming you will be in for at least a few days, for you pack several pairs of PJ's/nighties, lots of big knickers (I bought loads from Primark as couldn't face disposables), loads of cereal bars/snacks as hosp food disgusting, ear plugs, mobile phone and charger, bottle of dilute juice and some plastic cups (they used crap polystyrene cups in my hosp), pad and couple of pens as you'll need to fill in forms/ write down names of docs etc. I took books/mags but never read them. Oh and those patches to help your scar heal. For baby I'd take 7 of each vests and baby gros, you can always get more brought from home, plus going home outfit. Oh and lots of nappies and wipes as they don't supply them (not sure about for preemies though?). Not sure of the situation in your hosp but I paid for a private room after the birth and it was the best £300 I ever spent. Hope all goes well, good luck xxx

Ellypoo Wed 23-Jan-13 15:33:52

Hi all, due to my history, my Consultant is intending to deliver my baby by ELCS between 36 & 37 weeks, all being well - having very regular scans and monitoring, so there is a small chance that the baby might be delivered even earlier.

What do I need to pack? I am assuming that we will be in for a couple of days minimum, and baby might need SCBU, especially if it is before 36 weeks. Any ideas for numbers of vests/baby grows to pack in my bag?

I am currently 25 + 1, but need to plan ahead, so want the get things sorted and ordered so that I can have my bag packed and in my car before 28 weeks.


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