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What is a fistula and do I have one?

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NeedlesCuties Wed 23-Jan-13 09:10:57

I get this too! Didn't get it after DC1, but after DC2 (who is now 5 months)

Assumed it was a pelvic floor issue, hadn't thought about saying to GP.

However, I've had an anal fissure - very very sore - since DC2 was born, just getting treatment for it now. Don't know if the 2 are linked.

cravingcake Tue 22-Jan-13 09:36:14

Definitely follow up for physio, they will be able to make sure you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly.

I would also suggest going back to your GP, the 8 weeks check is not the follow up. You should be seen by a gynaecologist around 3 - 4 months after a 3rd or 4th degree tear as routine. Your GP will be able to chase that up but can also check you to see how things are healing to put your mind at rest until you see the gynae.

I've no idea if it was poor stitching but remember you would have been very swollen and bruised when they stitched so these things can become apparent as the scars begin to heal.

shouldIbecrossaboutthis Tue 22-Jan-13 09:06:00

Thanks PictureMeInThese. I had a check at 8 weeks - is that the follow up? I do do exercises not sure if I'm doing them right though. I should have had physio but haven't heard anything from them - I will call them today I think!

Will it go away over time then or should I go back to the GP??

PictureMeInThese Tue 22-Jan-13 02:12:58

Sounds like it yes. Have you had a follow up after your tear? Are you doing your exercises? 15 weeks is still early on with plenty of time for improvement. smile

shouldIbecrossaboutthis Tue 22-Jan-13 01:49:41

No poo from there yay! Maybe some wee though? Although could be rubbish pelvic floor?!

PictureMeInThese Tue 22-Jan-13 01:41:44

Congratulations on your DS!

Do you feel its just wind you're 'leaking' or are you losing any (ahem) fecal matter? (poo)

shouldIbecrossaboutthis Tue 22-Jan-13 01:32:33

DS is 15 weeks, when I break wind it comes out of my vagina too!

I did have a 3rd degree year. Does this sound like a fistula or maybe pelvic floor issue? Will it go away by itself? How did it get there, poor stitching?

Any advice? Thanks smile

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