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Mr Kunde at the Lansdell Suite December 2012 review

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LKV1 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:56:32

I had a great experience with Mr Kunde at the Lansdell Suite in December 2012 and would thoroughly recommend him.

I found Mr Kunde to be very calm which I found reassuring and most importantly I completely trusted his medical opinion. He was able to identify a problem with my baby's size and positioning and ensured the safe arrival of my daughter.

I am also very happy with the medical team that Mr Kunde recommended. I've heard from many people that ultrasounds of their baby's size had often been inaccurate however ours was spot on which was particularly key as we had a problem with size (we used Mr Maxwell for our scans). I am also very happy with all of the staff that I met at St Thomas'.

I had a cesarean due to the size complication and am very happy with how the operation and recovery progressed. However I would like to highlight that I was in no way forced to have a c-section just because I was a private patient. Mr Kunde offered his medical opinion based on my personal circumstances but made it very clear that it was my decision and he would support me in whatever path we followed. Similarly he also mentioned that even though I have now had a c-section I still have the option of a vb for my next child and he would support me if I wanted to go down this route.

The Lansdell Suite was also fantastic and the midwives were incredibly supportive in my attempts to breastfeed. One of the best things about the Lansdell Suite was that my husband was able to stay all of the nights I was in hospital for. This was invaluable as it meant whilst I recovered he could do all the nappy changes and feeds. :-)

Therefore I would thoroughly recommend Mr Kunde and the Lansdell Suite and intend to use both for baby number 2.

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